Chrysler Sebring Airbags and Restraints

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I am installing a set of front seats out of a '96 Sebring Convert into a different vehicle and need to know how the seat belts work. What confuses me is whether or not the shoulder straps stay loose after they are latched. If they do stay loose what locks them incase of an accident? Are they pyrotechnic? Or, is there a mechanical locking mechanism. Or, do they lock once the vehicle is in motion? Thanks, 3003


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    I have an 2003 LXI Convertible - the airbag light keeps coming on and off. I took it to the dealer while under warranty and they found nothing. Now that the warranty is out and they can look it but of course they want to charge $79 just for looking at it. Has anyone else had this problem or have any suggestions on what to do? Sometimes the light will go off but usually stays on for weeks.
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    did you ever get a response to your inquiry regarding the seat belt. I own a 99 sebring conv and this morning my seatbelts locked up and I can't get them loose. Any suggestions? please advise.

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    My son has the same problem with his '98 Sebring Conv., the seat belts lock up. If anyone has the solution, please let us know.
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    The seatbelts in the front of my 2000 Convertible Sebring stopped working. The fuses are OK. Are there any suggestions on how to fix them?
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    Did you ever find out how to unlock the seat belts?
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    The cause of the driver seatbelt problem is due to the way some Chrysler clown routed the harness.

    I bought a used 96 JXI with a non-working driver seatbelt and discovered after ripping out the center console, that the cause was a shorted harness.

    The harness is routed in-between the 2 piece seat track and over time will shortout to the rail. This will not blow the fuse, because in the control module they have a current limiting resistor built in.

    Solution is to cut the harness and splice the matching 4 wires back together.
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    Hey, I had the exact same problem! Except mine was the front passenger side. I dont kno if you had already corrected the problem, I brought mine into a garage and they said that i need to bring it into a body shop! BS I fixed it myself, it takes some time and a little frustration but well worth it than paying to get it fixed. What the problem is is that the release spring gets jammed inside the controle. You have to un hook the seatbelt at the base of the seat, unhook the material, mine was cloth seats, and pull the material up and over JUST where the seat belt comes out of the seat, there will be a screw to take off the cap, undo it all take it apart, u will find the spring put it pack in the right area, and your good to go. It takes time but worth it
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    Hey guys, I was seriously considering buying the new '07 sedan, but then I heard this disturbing incident from my friend. He had got the '07 limited edition and somehow bumped into a tree. The driver-side air bag did not even come off!!!!

    Is that one stray incident or does the Chrysler quality issues still persist??
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    How fast was the car moving when it bumped the tree? Airbags are designed to only deploy at a certain speed or greater. Something similar to a low speed parking lot bump probably wouldn't cause it to go off.

    It does go through a checklist when you start the car. If the computer senses that the airbag circuit is faulted the airbag light in the instrument cluster stays on.

    I haven't heard about any issues with the Sebring and failed airbag deployment. You might see if a Google search turns up anything.
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    I also have a 2003 LXI Convertible and have been dealing with the air bag light issue for several years. The first time occured under warranty. The dealer replaced the seat beat tensioner in the right seat. This fixed the problem for about 9 months. Since then, the car has been in the shop at the dealer at least once and sometime twice a year. The service advisor at Carl Burger Chrysler told me that he is aware of the problem for the Sebring model. The big problem is when the Air Bag light is illuminated, all the air bags are disabled and will not deploy in an accident. This is a dangerous situation and can result in injury or death.
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    When I was trying to sell my car a father and son came to test drive it. They were both very tall (6' 10") and 100 pounds heavier than me. When they sat in the car and adjusted the seats the seat belts started to work. I had adjusted the seats with my wife in the passenger seat in the past, but they would never work. I'm thinking that the weight of the two did something to get the seatbelt unjammed. I never had a problem after that.
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    I have the same problem. 2003 Sebring LXi conv, that had the airbag lite on when I bought it, from dealer at 16K mi. Dealer fixed it, by replacing tensioner(s). Then over the next 10K mi the problem recurred at least 2 more times, both times within the 36K complete warranty, both times fixed until the next occurence. Fine for about a year and a half. Car now has 42K (4yrs later) on it and the lite has been coming on again for the last several months. The temp fix is to do the slide the seat forward and back a few times then it is fixed for a while..sometimes a few hours, sometimes a few days. Crazy ain't it?
    Now the car has developed a coolant leak, and I am taking it in to the Chrysler dealer to deal with this new problem. I plan to mention the airbag lite problem again, as it appears to be a design problem.
    You know though, I like the car. It is my wife's car and we only really use it in the summer. I just am worried that these thing are precursors to it's rumored unreliability.
    Hope this helps,

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    Where is the "center console" located? Are you talking about the console between the seats where the change holder is? Isn't there easier access than ripping it out?

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