replacing serpentine belt

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I am replacing serpentine belt on my 95 bonneville.Do I need to remove "dogbones" or any other parts ?Thanks for any help!


  • alcanalcan Member Posts: 2,550
    If it's a 3800 engine you'll have to support the engine on a floor jack with a block of wood and remove the left engine mount to remove the belt.
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    How did GM manage that one? I have never had to remove anything on a front wheel drive 3.8L GM to remove the belt. I have done Ciera's and Delta 88's both and haven't had to pull a motor mount. Is there something special about the Bonneville?
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    Same procedure. Remove passenger mount. Older Corsicas had mounts below engine. If you bumped a curb you broke the mount. There's method to this madness.
  • alcanalcan Member Posts: 2,550
    I've done a dozen or so on newer 3800 Series II's (including my own) and they've all required removal of part of the right mount. At least the mount does come apart but I'd love to meet the genius who designed that belt routing/mount setup. Let's see him slip a belt on, on the side of a freeway.
    P.S. my mistake in my first post. Meant to say right (passenger side) mount, not left side. Sorry 'bout that.
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    On the intrigue you put a box wrench on the tensioner and pull forward. Tension off and belt falls off.

    On cutlass is was similar, except you stuck a 1/2" ratchet in the tensioner.
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    Where can I find a schematic for replacing belt?
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    a picture under your hood??
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    adc100... thank you for reply. No, the standard decal drawing for belt routing is absent. Can't find a book anywhere and CM folks around these here parts very touchy about advising customer when it could mean $$$ out of their pocket.
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