Hyundai Entourage Steering Vibration

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Anybody out there with an Entourage having the steering wheel vibration/shake problems at 73-75 mph like some of the owners of 2006 Sedonas? Apparently more problems with LXs, but also some with EXs. Since vehicles are so similar, I want to see if reported problems with Sedona carry over to the Entourage.


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    Thankfully no. I have the 07 SE and push it right up to 100 with no issues. This is a sports car in minivan clothing...
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    My new Entourage has been at Planet Hyundai since s Saturday...they replaced tires...Still shimmies...They think that it s a bad AXLE......How much can go wrong with a BRAND NEW VEHICLE???????????
    They want to replace axle with Factory Rep from Hyundai s axle ..he only has 1000 miles on his axle...HELLO I wanted a NEW CAR...not a new car with used parts on it....I will pray that they will take this back...I am 8 months pregnant..THIS is the last thing I need to worry about :lemon:
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    yes it did...I m dealing with this issue for 3 weeks..they changed tires, and axle ..still feel it...2007 Entourage...
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    Same shimmey problem identified on the Sedona forums. Most were fixed with rebalanced of wheels/tires, but some had problems with a defective brake switch. On those were tires weren't the issue, the replacement of hte brake switch solved the problem. Worth asking your service advisor to look into, if they still haven't solved it...
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    I just bought a new Entourage last week. It has a couple of issues. First the remote for the automatic side doors seems to work intermittently. The dealer started to take the car apart to try and figure it out, but when I objected to not getting my car back for the weekend, they called corporate who told them to simply give me a new remote because that one was probably defective. So they have to order me one.

    My other problem is a vibration that starts around 70 mph. By 80 mph, the steering wheel is practically shaking. They balanced the wheels and said they fixed it, but it actually feels worse than before they worked on it. I noticed a few other people who've mentioned a similar problem. Have you guys been able to get your problem resolved? If so, what needed to be done to fix it?

    So I will be taking my new minivan back to the dealer for the second time in 2 weeks to try and get these problems fixed.
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    Not meaning to insult, but when operating those doors, several things have to be in place in order for them to open, I know, because I was slow to learn (even tho i consider myself a fast learner and am mechanically and technically competent...I opinion) anyway.
    1.) The Transmission must be in PARK for the doors to OPEN, (i cant tell you how many times my rear passengers felt locked in)but, they will actually close in any gear, AND
    2.) The power door lock must be in the UNLOCKED position.
    3.) I'm not sure what the child lock levers do, I dont
    have kids.
    4.) and dont forget the Power switch in the ceiling consol, should be depessed in to be ON, i think.
    Wheel shimmy, I don't know, but they have rebalanced all four of my michelins, and it is much better, but there is still a shake or a harmonic signal around 75. I hope someone can figure this out....I'll bet its something weird like bad wheel castings, off center wheel studs, unbalanced rotors or off center rotors, off spec axle, or who knows what. It just ticks me off with as many posts about it on this site and the Kia site and other sites, that no one has found the cause. Lots of things seem to be ruled out (it happens on three different brands of tires Hongook,Michelin and Kumho ) Good luck
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    I know, all of the things you mentioned have to be in place for the remote to work on the automatic doors. The dealer was actually able to replicate my intermittent problem and confirm that it really is real.

    So you have the vibration at 75 mph as well? Does your Entourage shake worse over 80? I haven't been able to get it to over 80 often enough to see how serious a problem this is.
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    I know this sounds obvious, but make sure the dealer programs your new remote (fob) to your van. Our dealer just handed my wife her new fob, and we couldn't open the rear doors when we got home with it. Just a reminder. ;)
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    There have been a number of posts about vibration on the KIA Sedona board with the same problem. Mostly been solved using a newer, better wheel balance technique that uses lasers to check for tire AND wheel run-out. Some simulate pavement with a "road force" measurement roller. Machines can tell if tires can be balanced or if wheels are so far off they cannot be matched to tires.

    Also some vibrations were seen in early Sedonas resulting from strut tower mounts being installed incorrectly. Hope this helps, you should not have to put up with any vibrations in a new van with new wheels and tires.

    George in Wisconsin.
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    Well. I m in the process of arbitration for the vibration..Hyundai is now saying it s a CHARACTERISTIC of the vehicle...The brochure says PREMIUM comfort..Well not so...the vibration goes thru the entire vehicle...if you can get the rear seatbelts to sit against plastic wall & get up to 70 the tapping to the metal will drive you crazy...& the booster chair sitting upright without a child in it will tap tap tap tap....I ll try to post once I get word from BBB...But PLEASE call corporate,,,the # is in your manual & COMPLAIN...OR they will continue to dismiss issue. If you read my previous post they have changed tires & axles & religned and rebalanced...Still Vibrates..HYUNDAI confirmed vibration as "CHARACTERISTICS" They know the DEAL :lemon:
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    Did you also report it to the NHTSA? I think they have a web site for complaints.

    The better it's documented, the sooner it'll be fixed.

    Anyone shopping for a new one make sure you do a high speed test drive to make sure your wheels and tires are well balanced.

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    That it is a "characteristic" is BOGUS. I have driven my Entourage at 75 for many miles and have never (thankfully) had any of the problems that some have reported. I don't know if it makes a difference that our Entourage (Limited) was received by the dealer in October, so it was presumably not one of the first manufactured. Good luck in your fight. Report it to whatever agencies, etc you can.
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    That it is a "characteristic" in this case is a GOOD THING! They are confirming there is a problem afecting some of the vehicles. Fortunately you and I are not one of them. They can sugar coat it all they want but in the end they will have to compensate the owner. Keep fighting and stay strong...Good Luck.
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    How bad is your vibration? From your last message, I'm guessing your whole van shakes. Does it get worse the higher you get above 70?

    My dealer actually had the nerve to tell me that since it's not legal to drive over 70 mph, he can't test it to that speed and therefore he can't fix it. I reminded him that the Entourage should be able to drive at speeds over 70 without vibrating, and I'm asking him to fix my vibration, not drive it over 70 mph. Nevertheless, all he did was rebalance the wheels. Does anyone here think this is an adequate argument for them to make? They only tested it to 60 mph.

    The vibration isn't that bad - my husband doesn't seem to notice it. But at speeds over 80, you can actually see my hands shaking on the steering wheel. I'm trying to decide if this is just an annoyance I need to get used to or a serious problem with my new vehicle. I will look into calling corporate to complain. It doesn't sound like that will help though. My dealer claims not to have heard of any vibration issues with the Entourage.
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    The speed limit on the Indian Nation turnpike in Oklahoma is 75 mph. It has also been raised in West Texas to at least 75 mph, and it may have been raised to 80 mph. So it is legal in some places to drive over 70 mph (not that the dealership's argument made any sense or was legitimate anyway).
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    File a complaint here:

    That's the Office of Defects Investigation.

    If enough people complain and they see a pattern, Hyundai could be forced to do a recall, or at least a TSB to dealers. Who knows, maybe they can adjust their alignment specs a little or maybe the wheels aren't up to spec.
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    They tried that nv 65..But in California the interstate is 75mph...So I didnt except their LAME Excuse..My steering wheel was Horrible, then they replaced tires and balanced and re-aligned and that fixed 50% of vibration...Then they replaced axle still does it...The easiest way for me to explain the vibration is it feels almost like a flat tire at 70..the vibration/wobble. Anyway you want to explain it..The manufacture confirmed it at arbitration which I appreciated..."characteristic" of vehicle....Please Call Hyundai they will try to help you...Then take it to Arbitration..It s free....I didnt pay $27,000 to drive in a Jeep Wrangler..We have a newborn and my 4 year old said yesterday...Mommy the seat is shaking...She notices the 4..I am waiting on the decision from BBB..But I did get JD Powers survey,,,& another one today from another agency...I can tell you that Hyundai tried to resovle issue with offers...But if I am gonna keep this for 10 years...I want a premium comfort ride as described in brochure. I test drove 2 other new Entourages that did the same thing...So a replacement of van was not acceptable..I will keep you posted..Hey do you feel the vibration in your legs & seat? Also sit in back seat & you may notice it goes thru out. even at 40mph
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    Some issues that many will miss, is the vehicle's brake rotors, these are often overlooked as an issue, and a simple turn on a brake lathe can fix the issue. From other experience it can also be caused by loose or broken motor and transmission mounts, there is a lot of torque applied to these mounts and this can also cause issues. From what I'm reading I would say there is a issue with the brake rotors, could be warped, or may not be strong enough to support the front axle weight, and needs to be redesigned.
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    I purchased a GLS 2 weeks ago. I noticed the vibration on the way home from picking up the vehicle. During the Test drive I never took it above 60mph.

    I notice the shaking in the steering wheel at about 74mph. It gets progressively worse above 75mph. Its fine at 65-70mph. The shaking is not felt throughout the whole van, just from the steering wheel.

    Has anyone determined if the build date has anything to do with the shaking/vibrations issues? I ask because the production date on my Entourage is 4/06. So I assume its one of the earlier vans produced. Does anyone have an Entourage produced recently that has the issue also?
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    I test drove a Limited yesterday that had a Mfg date of 4/06. I had the van up to 80 MPH and there was no shimmy/vibration at all (since reading the forums I am paying close attention to this). There is another Limited on the showroom floor with a Mfg date of 3/06.
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    I wonder if it's the tires? Maybe we should look at those as well. Though the dates are encoded.
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    How do you find out when the car was manufactured? I asked my dealer when I bought the car, and he said he'd find out but never told me.

    I had a vibration at 70+, but after they rebalanced it for the 2nd time, it seems to have gone away. However, I now seem to have a new problem. At low speeds, pretty much as soon as the car starts moving, it feels rough, enough to be annoying. I have been ignoring it hoping it would go away but it hasn't. It smooths out at higher speeds (over 45) so it seems to be almost the opposite of my other problem. It's just kind of bumpy at lower speeds, which is really strange. Has anyone else experienced anything like this, or does anyone else have any idea what this may be?
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    Check the driver's side door jamb for the manufacturing date.

    No idea on the low speed vibes, maybe they changed the alignment and overcompensated? :confuse:
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    Mommy03...I have experienced exactly what you are explaining. Have you taken to dealership? How many times? Have you called Hyundai in California? CALL CALL CALL...I did I spoke to a terrific Rep at Hyundai...ALSO get in touch with the Regional Factory Rep...I can tell You again..Check the lemon law in your state....YOU MUST or you will be stuck with this forever :lemon:
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    Which number do you use? I found 2:

    HYUNDAI - 1-800-633-5151 - Roadside assistance, financing, dealer locator.
    HYUNDAI - 1-800-826-2277 - Brochures, dealer locator.
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    Are you saying your Entourage rides roughly at low speeds too? Is it really obvious? Did you ever get resolution on your problem?
  • burnieburnie Member Posts: 10
    Yes...I noticed it depends on the weight of the van and the time of the am the van vibrates alot more...I dont know if it s the suspension, axle, tires..and if I have a full tank of gas or empty...On the highway like you explained is the worst, in the am...I feel like l m waddling down the highway....Still waiting on BBB resolution..Hopefully by monday,,,Please make sure you call the 800-633-5151 and file a complaint..
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    When did you buy the van? How long did you have it before the problem occured?

    I think they should reimburse you for the replacement value of the van at the time it started having the problem. In other words, it would be reasonable for them to replace it with a 6 month old demo if yours was a bit used when the problem started occuring.

    You can get a new SE for $24 grand, so keep that in mind. Prices are probably lower now than they were when you bought it.

    That doesn't help you much because I doubt you want another one...
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    Just curious, but have you seen any uneven tire wear where it looks like areas have been scalloped out? It would generally appear on either the inside or outer aspects of the tire, and would be noticeable to the touch if you ran your hand around the perimeter of the tire. Sort of like areas were lower than others.
    Years ago my son forgot to fully tighten up some suspension parts on his Karmann Ghia, and it ruined the tire due to excessive scalloping. He ignored the vibration (arghhh).
    I just discovered this forum as I will soon need to replace an 10 year old Dodge Caravan, and was considering the Entourage. I think I may wait a while until this is all worked out though. Maybe till the 08's are released? :confuse:
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    I finally checked the manufacture date of my car, and found that it is 3/06. That must make it one of the first Entourages built. Does anyone here know when they started building them? I just bought it in 2/07 so it must have been on the lot for a long time.

    It seems my problem exists when the car is cold. When we first get in the car, it rides roughly for the first few miles (a couple of minutes), then it seems to smooth out. Does anyone have any idea why this might happen? I thought it was an issue of speed, but it seems to be an issue of the car being cold. Since it goes away, after a few miles, does that mean it's not a serious problem? I just hate the thought of taking it back to the dealer because I know they won't know what to do with it.
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    Just to add to the database of information, my Entourage Limited was built 6/06 and was delivered to the dealer I bought it from on 10/06. Fortunately mine has had none of the problems others have incurred, and has been virtually problem-free for almost 5,000 miles and several highway trips. I am having to have one tire pressure sensor/transmitter replaced, and the passenger-side power sliding door occaisionally will not latch the first time the door is closed.
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    I continued to have the shimmy so I took it to the dealer last week. They performed a balance and alignment. This did not fix the issue. The dealer has been very courteous and very determined to get the issue resolved.

    So I scheduled another appointment for today. They found a Hyundai Technical Service Bulletin posted, # 06-50-013. This relates to an earlier post in this forum about using a special tire balancer. The technical bulletin states a two-plane dynamic wheel balancer is needed to correct the issue. Hyundai recommends the Hunter GSP 9700, which is a two-plane wheel balancer. My dealer found a local repair shop that has one and performed the balance today.

    The balancer found 3 of my tires off balance that were not detected using the standard balancer last week. It appears to have fixed the issue, though I want to drive it for a week before making the final decision.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    It's very reassuring to hear about a dealer going this far for a customer.

    Can you share their name? They deserve the credit.
  • mommy03mommy03 Member Posts: 17
    Is this service bulletin actually for the Entourage or another model Hyundai? I tried looking it up but couldn't find it. I asked my dealer to use the Hunter balancer, but his response was that he doesn't have one nor does any other dealer in the area. What was your problem like - did it vibrate only at high speeds or even at low speeds as well?
  • wlovettwlovett Member Posts: 17
    The dealer is Tom Ahl Hyundai in Findlay, OH.

    I was able to find the Techincal Service Bulletin online. Go to and register for an account. This site is open to the public, it has some really great information. Once logged on, go to Service Information, choose your Entourage model, go to the TSB tab, Chassis, choose 06-50-013.

    If you want, you can post your email address and I will send the service bulletin to you.

    My shimmy started at 65MPH and progressively worse at higher speeds. At 75-80MPH the steering wheel would shake, I could feel a vibration in the seat and the center console would vibrate. These appear to have stopped after using the Hunter wheel balancer.
  • wlovettwlovett Member Posts: 17
    I spoke to soon.

    Using the two phase balancer helped but I still feel a slight vibration.

    I fear the tires have a flat spot from sitting on the lot too long. I took it to the dealer for the 3rd time today. The agree there is a flat spot in the tires somewhere. They wanted me to drive it for 2000 more miles to see if the flat spot comes out. I did not agree, we are in the process of contacting the Regional Hyundai Rep. I would like the tires replaced. I will keep you posted on what they decide.
  • mommy03mommy03 Member Posts: 17
    Thanks for the link to the TSB. It was very helpful. Our situations sound almost exactly the same. I was about to give up on this whole thing, but this TSB will help immensely with the dealer. They kept treating me like I was crazy. I totally understand why you think they should replace your tires, but do you think the flat spot will go away with wear? And is it likely just one tire affected or all of them? I would doubt that I could get my dealer to replace my tires. Please keep us updated on what you end up doing.
  • mommy03mommy03 Member Posts: 17
    I just read the TSB more closely, and it seems to suggest that a flat spot on the tire is a temporary condition and therefore the car should be run for 10 minutes so that the flat spot does not affect their testing. Are they essentially saying that a flat spot is normal and doesn't need fixing?

    By the way, how much better did the dynamic balancing improve your vibration problem?
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    I think the flat spot may go away, but my arguement is why should I have to deal with this on a $20k van? I don't want to drive my brand new van another 2000 miles just to see if it goes away, that is unacceptable to me.

    Its hard to tell how many tires are affected. The dynamic balancing helped quite a bit. The steering wheel would shimmy back and forth before the dynamic balancer. After the dynamic balancer its more of slight vibration throughout the entire van, still noticable but better than before.

    I think Hyundai is going to point fingers at the tire manufacturer, Hanook in my case, and expect them to fix it. Waiting to hear back from Hyundai right now.
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    Latest Update. My dealer decided to put tires from another Entourage onto mine. I was very grateful for them trying this since Hyundai has been slow to respond to the issue. My dealer used tires from an Entourage that was delivered just last week. I have an Entourage GLS, so mine came with the 16" Hankook's. The odd thing was my dealer received at least 3 GLS's last week, each came with 16" Kumho tires, not Hankook's.

    So the dealer replaced my Hankook's with the Kumho's. Unfortuantly this did not help. The vibration is still there, especially at 75mph. By having the same issue with the Hankook's and Kumho's I am wondering if the issue is not with the tires but something else.

    So now we are back talking with the Regional Hyundai Representative......
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    I had the dealer rebalance it, the 75 mph vibration seems to have gone away. However, I now have a new problem. At low speeds, pretty much as soon as the car starts moving, it feels rough,lumpy or lurchy, enough to be annoying. It smooths out at higher speeds and after warmed up I don't feel it at lower speeds then either.
    Your right about the dealer being unresponsive or in denial, and he is too far away to make it convenient to keep going in for such a minor, but still annoying problem, this is not how a BRAND NEW WORLD CLASS vehicle should act. Too bad Hyundai may loose its hard built improved reputation over tire, wheel or drivetrain vibration. And yes, my dealer calls me after each service to instruct me to leave excellent ratings when the factory surveys me, but often I dont get the factory survey. I have 17" alloy factory wheels with Michelin tires, my Hyundai Entourage's van build date is June 14 2006.
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    Sorry it took soo long to post. I now drive a new non-hyundai van..Hyundai purchased my van back last month after arbitration.Do the 3 times to dealer..Go thru arbitration...This is a Characteristic that Hyundai factory rep confimed here in Nv. So go thru BBB as your book says and have van looked at by Certified mechanic in your area,,,,Have proof other than your slips from dealer to prove that this cannot be fixed...or call California...but not customer service,,,go up up up..My battle is over and I am happy to say BYE BYE BYE..It took 4 months of aggrevation but like you all have said....When it happened at fast speeds, they balanced tires---then it would appear at lower speeds..I did research on other vehicles with shimmy or vibration and all other reported that after 2000-5000 miles after balance vibration would return.....that s what really scared me....I didnt want 10 yrs of vibrationg...& it vibrated chair, console rear seats,,,everything shook...So i can totally understand your posting & frustration....But I CAN SMILE AGAIN ! The flat spot in tires is a BS line & changing tires will not fix problem...It s an engineering defect as far as I am concerned...(a consumer) FYI Corporate told me that they did not have enough units out there to confirm vibration..So keep the fight & request to meet with factory rep & get with BBB asap..I will check back from time to Mommy03 keep posting...
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    What did you replace it with?

    I ended up buying a Sienna.
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    OK,just got an 07 Entourage Limited this week. I have no high speed vibration, up past 80mph or more. However, we did notice a vibration under aggressive braking that felt like a common brake rotor warp. It is in the shop to have that looked at. The only thing I can say at this point is that a new vehicle should not have a warped brake rotor. I'll comment more once we get it back.

    Additionally, our van has none of the transmission braking affect, wind noise, etc. that have been noted in these forums.

    If they get the braking vibration fixed, I hope to be golden for a while. Love it other than that. Can't beat what they give you for the price. Got our Limited with DVD for $26.9K.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Have them check the torque on the wheel lug nuts. They are probably overtightened.

    Do it soon so the rotors don't wear unevenly. Take it easy on the brakes, at least, until you get that looked at.
  • josm100josm100 Member Posts: 30
    How agressive is the braking? ABS can cause a shudder if you apply the breaks realy hard. If the rotors were realy warped you should feel some effect even in light breaking. Good luck.
  • jsrfjsrf Member Posts: 6
    No, this was a definite rotor issue. The braking I was describing was not agressive enough to actuate ABS, which you feel coming up through and pushing back at the brake pedal.They cut them and the problem has been resolved. No other high speed vibrations at all at this point.
  • jsrfjsrf Member Posts: 6
    Well, for me, anyway, the rotors were cut, and the braking vibration went away. I was somewhat concerned after buying this van, because I saw so many posts about vibration. Hopefully it was a corrected issue, and mine is good to go, because we really like it alot.

    Don't want to have to go through any lemon law disputes, as some other postings have indicated.

    I am a car guy from way back, so, I understand that the uneven torque can cause rotors to warp. I always check with a torque wrench, myself.

    The only thing I don't understand is how a new vehicle gets a warped rotor. Ours had 180 miles on it when we got it, as it sat on the lot for a few months before we bought it (The dealer cut us what I think is a good deal to get it off their inventory). Over the years, I have come up with the theory that any vehicle that has hot brake rotors hit with cold water risks warped rotors. I have noticed that after a car is taken through a car wash, the brakes develop a rotor shudder. Maybe it's just me, but that seems to be the case.

    Anyway, knock on wood, I have experienced none of the unresolved issues posted in these forums with my Entourage.

    With less than 600 miles on it, I got 22 mpg on a 100 mile trip, so even the mileage seems to be where it should be. Of course, I did it the old fashioned way by starting with a full tank, driving it, then refilling, and calculating the mpg myself.

    So far it has been a real pleasure to drive, and I am hoping that in the long run, it is a good vehicle.
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    $26.9 is a great price. I just got an out the door quote of $31.8 for a Limited w/ the Ultimate Package. Of course, that's still $10,000 less expensive than a comparable Sienna. :D
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    That price is too high, IMO.

    I saw Limiteds starting at $24,100 including freight.

    That doesn't include a moonroof, so add a grand. The DVD player and stuff added another couple. Still, loaded ones were around $28-29k.

    You cannot compare a loaded Entourage to a loaded Sienna because Toyota offers AWD, HIDs, laser cruise control, GPS Navigation, etc. Those are very pricey options that of course increase the price substantially.
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