BMW 325xi or Volvo XC70

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OK, here's the choice I'm facing.
A 2002 BMW 325 xi with about 70K miles or a 2003 Volvo xc70 with nearly the same mileage. Which is safer? Which is going to last the longest with the fewest repairs? I have a 2004 X3 and love it. But, right now my husband drives a Toyota Matrix and I just don't think it's safe for the kids riding in the back. Or him for that matter. Help please.


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    Hi, The best choice is the bmw hands down I have a 2002 volvo cross country and it has been nothing but trouble trouble trouble.
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    Well, there's an unbiased conclusion based on empirical data!
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    i have a 318i. Fantastic car. Easy to fix and fun to drive. Also have a xc70. Different animal. Great for hauling kids, dogs and groceries. Depends what you're after.

    Good luck.
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