Chevy Astro Misfire

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Sometimes my Chevy Astro misses and sometimes not seems worse when it is damp or real cold. Any Ideas? It idles fine only when under a load will it miss. Thanx


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    My previous '95 Safari van's engine would sound rough as well. Like it was miss-firing. My mechanic lifted its hood, took a garden hose and sprayed water into its engine area. He started at bottom of engine and worked his way up. When the water hit the spark plug wires and dist cap, she sounded like a engine with a large wrench in it. Talk about "miss firing and clug / clug" sounds. Discovered my fan had a faulty distributor and bad plug wires. After replacing, my previous '95 van sounded great.

    If you can, spray some water in your van's engine compartment (at night time for best visual results) and see what happens. An "old school" testing trick that many mechanics still use today....
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    I just purchaced a 1986 Chevy Astro van and I know that with a van of that age there will be problems. I changed out the fuel filter and then I added new wires and spark plugs. I am still having the problem when I get to a red light the van wants to cut off. What could be the problem? :confuse:
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    Ok Lads I wrestled with this one a while. GM in their wisdom made the Distributor cap very thin and this causes moisture to build up during cooling! The Fix for the random misfires is simple: just use a clean towel and spray some WD40 liberally to the towel, carefully rub the solution on the PLASTIC PARTS ONLY (Interior of Cap)! None on the Pins or the Carbon center! This has proven to be a long solution to this problem! I have had no misfires for TWO MONTHS since I did this!
    The BULL about using a GM part is just that BULL!
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    On my 2000 Safari it was a bad turn signal switch.
    Replaced it and all the problems went away.

    I am not kidding that was the problem.
    if your turn signal is acting up I would look at this as the problem.

    My van has run without any problems now for a year now.
    Who would have thought that this would cause the problem.
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