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Nissan Altima Brake Questions



  • Nissan doesn't seem to think they have a problem. When I told them about this thread, they said they don't read "blogs". Any Company that is that out of touch deserves to lose customers. They have a great car with the Altima and obviously they are willing to let it go by the wayside. Don't they understand that savvy customer will go to this website BEFORE buying to a new car because this is where you REALLY find out what's going on with a vehicle? Not by reading Motor Trend. Nissan wants me to take a car that is STILL in warranty and PAY the Nissan dealership to do a diagnosis. They want me to pay for a rental if the car has to be kept overnight. I have owned about 30 cars. This was my first Nissan. I now know how they feel......It will be my last.
  • Yes....I hear the thumping noise....and it sounds like it comes from more than one place. I also have my car at the dealership right now with 34000 miles on it (2009)..commuter...but not in traffic. 95% of that mileage is on the freeway, not using the brakes. I have noise...squeeking that I have had for awhile now. When you really lay on the brakes, it sounds like the car is "groaning". When I took it in today, they brought up the TSB's, and the tech used the term "groaning". Obviously something is wrong, as there is no way I should have brake probs yet. I had an '03 & '06. Altima. '03 had 99000 miles...i brake job around 75000. ' brake job. not even a noise.
    The problem with these brakes is the CVT transmission. IMO, the transmission does nothing to help slow the car down, and therefore the brakes are doing all of the work. That is what I think is causing the problem. I am glad I found this forum...if they try and hose me tomorrow, I will mention this, and then call Nissan and demand they do something.
  • I just had my 09 in brake pads and rotor work...appears problem is not fixed although I got all kinds of BS as to why I should not be "concerned". Seriously?
  • I was wondering if you have ever been told what that "thumping" noise was in the Altima. I have the same noise....only mine did not start until after I had about 20 - 25K miles on it.
    it almost sounds like metal moving from heat expansion. It's not always in the same place either.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    that is simply and absolutely outrageous that you had to have brake and rotor work done on a 2009 altima; how many miles do you have on her?

    anyway, that kind of BS is getting typical with dealerships and is really poor customer service when you think about it; everything that goes wrong with the car is "oh, there really isn't anything wrong or oh, I wouldn't be concerned" - you think what you had wrong was bad, my 08 TL had a power steering fluid leak and the dealership kept refilling the fluid and sent me on my way and the second time I was in after I lost fluid again the service advisor said the same BS you got, " don't be too concerned because we didn't find a leak!"

    can you believe that BS from him, I'm losing power steering fluid and they can't tell me why and just kept sending me on my way; suffice it to say that after getting Acura HQ involved the leak was finally found and the proper parts replaced and no problems so far but the dealerships whole attitude was piss poor to say the least

    Back to Nissan though, I have a 2010 Maxima right now on a 3 year lease and I'm going to be using it as a test guide for Nissan in regards to seeing if they have gotten their brake and rotor issues solved because if not this will be it with me with Nissan and Infiniti because I had just come off a 2005 FX35 lease before this max and had terrible brake and rotor problems the entire time I had it, every 10k miles the brakes and rotors had to be done and it was the main reason why I didn't keep it when the lease was over

    You would have thought by now that Nissan and Infiniti would have gotten these brake and rotor issues corrected by now since during the early and middle part of this decade they had terrible brake and rotor problems

    If you don't believe me just check consumer reports reliability history for the Nissan's and Infiniti's and you'll see all the worse than avg and much worse than avg for brakes/rotors for the 2000-2007 model years!
  • I have a 2008 Nissan Altima that has been at the dealership 5 times and they "SAY" they can't find anything. They changed my brake pads twice, my calibers, rotated my rotors and there is still a HORRIBLE noise when i brake. It sounds like the brakes on the end of a roller coaster. I was told by another mechanic that this is a recall Nissan is avoiding since it will cost them millions of dollars!! It is sad how money is always the important case here other than peoples safety.

    All i have to say i CAN'T wait for my lease to be over and this is the first time and last time i EVER get a nissan.
  • My situation is pretty much the same as yours except sadly enough I own my Nissan-wish I didnt purchase it! Within the first year I had my brakes changed twice. I kept complaining about the noise and they would write me off and say its brake dust. When I showed them these posts, they said they dont pay attention to blogs. The nerve! Nissan has the worst customer service and I would like to make an official complaint and mail these posts to them-hopefully that will get me somewhere. If I hear anything I will be sure to inform you all!
  • Well, I rather listen the squeeky brakes than replace the brakes. My friend needs to replace the pad on his '08 Accord w/ only ~16k miles and Honda didn't even cover it under warranty.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Honda is just as bad as Nissan when it comes to brake pads and rotors; the 08 and 09 Accord are known for their premature brake wear and rotor resurfacing; there are discussions on the accord forum on edmunds about this issue if you want to check it out

    I remember reading two long term road test updates in motortrend earlier this year on a 2008 accord and they mentioned as well having to have their pads replaced at like 12k miles

    for some reason, Honda, Nissan, Infiniti, Acura, even Toyota etc all seem to think that having to have brake pads replaced and rotors resurfaced at between 8-15k miles the first time is normal wear and tear - they all are sorely mistaken!!

    way back when I had GM vehicles, despite dealing with a whole sort of mechanical problems, I used to not have to have brake pads replaced until 40-50k miles, what the he'll ever happen to getting between 40-60k miles out of your brakes???
  • Yeb, I need to resurface the G's rotors at around 12k miles. I had the inspection done on the '07 Altima w/ around 17k miles a couple months back and they said the brake should be good at least another year...except the sqeeky noise.
  • I have a 2007 Altima with 45000 miles on it. I bought it from a friend 5000 miles ago, who bought it from a dealership as a used car.

    I was driving 65mph when I saw traffic stopped up ahead. I got one good brake in, which slowed me down to 30-35, then braked again. My foot went to the floor!

    I was able to pump and get slowed down enough not to hit the cars or go off road and have something else stop me.

    No warning whatsoever! Anybody hear of brake failures like this on 2007 models?
  • My sister-in-law purchased an Altima in 2006 and has been having issues with squeaking brakes for some time. She had the front brakes replaced in October and the mechanic found no problems with the rear. Two weeks ago she was in an accident and hit a medium on the highway. The cause of this accident was due to the fact that she could not stop her car. When she applied the brakes they depressed all the way to the floor and didn't stop the car. It is currently being evaluated by the insurance company to find the actual problem. Luckily she was not hurt, just minor bumps and bruises however, had she not chosen to veer off others would have been hurt and the damage far greater than it is. I think there is a severe problem here and I am calling everyone who owns this vehicle to let them know.
  • Turned out my brake failure was due to a leak in the hose. I don't know any more than that, I'm going to pick up my car now. I don't think it was a slow leak, or I would have noticed a change in the feel of the brakes. I think it just blew out. Why, I don't know. I was REALLY lucky. I used the shoulder and the grassy median to stop, along with downshifting- I have an automatic but I put in in high gear. When I was slowed down more I used the emergency brake. The mechanic has left for the holiday, but I'll talk more to them next week. I also have had squeaking brakes but I really don't think it had anything to do with the hydraulics.
  • Heat Sensor Shield. I had same problem and they had to contact Nissan and finally figured it out. I haven't had the thumping noise since. So all of you having that problem, try it out! Also, had my car in 3 times (3 months, 8 months and 16 months) for grinding, pulsating, squeeking brakes. Completely unsafe yet they tried telling me everything was perfectly fine. I told them I wasn't taking car back until they did something. Then they finally told me there was a "service bulletin" they didn't know about and they're replacing the whole braking system (calibers, rotors, and pads). Oh and at 8 months, they already cut my rotors. Insane! So if you're having brake problems, bring up the service bulletin to your dealership! They're keeping it silent but they can't deny it if you bring it up.
  • Do you have a copy of the link so I can read this service bulletin? Thanks!
  • I have to look for the service bulletin link. The best thing to do is to go straight to Nissan not to the dealer. The dealer will just give you the run around until your warranty expires.
  • I can't seem to get a link going but this is the information. Cut and past to your bowser. 7-10&msection=BR+-+BRAKE+SYSTEM
  • heat sensor shield....thanks for the information. I'll see if I can hammer them about my breaks, and the heat sensor shield, and see where that takes me.
  • Guys:
    Saturday 01/09/2010; while going at 35 MPH, I had a catastrophic brake failure on my 09 NAH. The brakes were non responsive, could have been a major potential for a FATAL accident if I was doing 65 MPH on highway. Enough to say I am totally pissed about this and Want ANSWERS from Nissan!.

    The car is with the dealer now and I will update this thread as more information flows in.

    My tow cost $197 to tow me 5 (Yes FIVE) miles to the dealership because the towing company they sent charge commercial rates and because the road side assistance program covers only $100, I am Out 97 dollars! I have another major issue with this and I have asked for the regional specialist of Nissan to contact me, they said it will be within 2 business days and I hope that's true or else I have another thing coming!

    Nissan Case# 6699786

    Tip: Do not buy the roadside assistance and get a AAA Plus membership instead
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    sorry to hear about you incident man, just glad to hear you are okay and hope that if you had any passengers everyone is okay as well!!!

    hopefully Nissan will rectify the problem and give you answers but in all honest Nissan customer service sucks, especially Nissan Regional Product Specialists, because I have had to contact one about problems with my maxima and she was useless in regards to trying to help me or in regards to information about the vehicle; I don't understand how they can be called product specialists when you go to ask them specific technical questions about your Nissan and they either don't know or say "Go ask the stealership"

    your better to just deal with the stealership because the regional specialists take what ever the stealership says as word and won't even listen to the customer or come out and see the problem with your car themselves; the latter is what happened in my case; like I said I would deal with the stealership, see what they say and if your not happy then I would call Nissan Consumer Affairs and speak to someone there directly, don't let them transfer you to a product specialist!

    best of luck to you!!!!
  • thank you Smarty666. The Dealship said they will change the "ABS Actuator". Gave me a rental car for 3 days. More to come
  • On Dec 23 I was going 65mph and had a complete brake failure. I posted about it already. Turns out the hose blew a hole. No warning, nothing. I'm lucky to be alive. 2007 nissan altima. 45000 miles on it.
  • My 2007 Altima creates an rotational sounding 'ekk, ekk, ekk' at about 30 - 40 mph only when cold. After about 10 miles or so it subsides? They checked by brakes yesterday and said I have about 1/2 life left on the pads, and did not think it was a Brake issue.

    Does anyone have an experience like this with brakes , or could this be another issue?

  • How many miles do you have on your 2007 Nissan Altima? I have about 30,000. When I push hard on the brake it feels very rough and acts like it does not want to stop.
  • Nissan has been notorius for noisy brakes. I had a 2007 Altima that squealed bad when braking for a red light or on a slope. Dealer said they were fine but replaced the pads and turned the rotors anyway. I have since traded for a 2009 Altima but this one is different. The 2009 Altima does not squeal when braking forward. I have a steep driveway and when I back out of the driveway the brakes have a heavy grinding sound. It has only 13k miles and I took it to the dealer and of course they find nothing but are going to replace the pads. Its weird because I also have a 2007 Sentra with 33k miles that has never squealed or had a grinding sound.
  • Why would you buy another Altima, after the first one had brake problems. I for one will never buy another one.
  • Why would you buy another Altima, after the first one had brake problems. I for one will never buy another one.

    Noisy brake is not a brake problem...yes, it's annoying. When you need to replace the brakes at 15k like the Accord 2008-2010, that's the brake problem.
  • My wife was hit and totaled the 07 was the reason I have an 09 Altima now, thank you very much!!! Nissan makes good vehicles. I am not here to bash Nissan but to find other owners with similar problems and find the best solutions.
  • Well, some people are really bad in term of bashing other brands..."This is a POS. I wouldn't buy this car again b/c of the squeaky wipers". IMO, if the wipers or brakes are working good but it's noisy, I might try to have it fixed but it's not a big deal that I have to spend days to go after the dealer or manufacturer.
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