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Lincoln Continental Maintenance and Repair

I have a '95 Continental that I like better than any car I've ever owned (and I've owned nearly fifty cars in my fifty-five years of driving). I have had almost no problems with it in the five years I've owned it. I've put 52,000 miles of the total of 91,000 miles that are on it. Since nothing lasts forever I'm thinking ahead to replacement time. I'd be interested in another very low miles car but I don't like the air suspension on my '95. I've had zero problems with the suspension, but I don't really like the way it rides, and it is noisy. I understand that Ford changed to a more conventional suspension somewhere along the way befor they quit production. Anybody know what year was changed over? Thanks.



  • Hello:
    My 94 does this too, but also I have a question you may be able to help me with.

    I had the transmission lines go bad and I had them taken out and now cannot seem to see where they go. There are two lines coming out of the radiator going somewhere and there are two emply connections on the transmission cooler and then two coming out of the transmission itself. I cannot find where these lines go. I have been to the library and looking for a diagram but nothing seems to bring up the preciswe locations. Thanks for your help. Mark
  • Hello Carfixer,
    It appears that I am not the only one with these troubles. I also have a 1997 Lincoln Continental acting very similar to yours. My vehicle has been doing this for at least 1 1/2 yrs. All though I am the new owner I have a pretty good history of the car. My car has had new fuel pump/filter, plugs/wires, sensors of which I'm not sure which ones, and a few scanner diagnostics tests, all of which have'nt helped. My car does not show any codes, no engine light or any other indicators. If you find anything positive could you please forward your fix, i would very much appreciate it.
    Thanks ahead of time.
  • Hello Lincoln owners:
    I recently bought a 2000 L. Continental. I´m happy with it, but i dont know why doesnt appear snapshots of that car on the research pages such Edmund´s or CARS.COM.

    Is this a Good Car?

    Is it necesary to fill it up always with premium gas?

  • sfhsfh Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 Lincoln Continental Signature Series with all the bells and whistles.

    My problem is that I start up the car, it starts perfectly, then when I put it in reverse or drive, it stalls out. Does anyone know what this problem is? Once it is driving, it goes well....and this has been happening for the last couple of months.
  • I have a 1999 Lincoln Continental and it has the same problem as your 2001 Lincoln. It on the first start when cold it starts fine but when you shift into drive it stalls. It re-starts just fine. If you immediately press the gas as you shift into drive its fine.
    I was wondering if anyone had any answers?
  • sfhsfh Posts: 2
    I finally took it to the dealer because it would start but go nowhere - they found it had a valve that was sticking and no gas was really going anywhere so it stalled out. Cost just over $500 to fix but runs fine now.
  • Trans cooler may be after market and have a hole in it if not being used. I would run one line from tranny to radiator (Stock Cooler) then come out of the radiator to the trans cooler, then out of the trans cooler and back to the transmission. Sounds like yours is going from trans to Radiator and back to trans.
  • eanneann Posts: 3
    I have a beautiful 1995 Lincoln Continental (beige). The other morning, it wouldn't start. Up to then it ran perfectly. My mechanic suspects it's the Timing Chain. I want to sell it.

    I recently replaced the air suspension system with the coil suspension system, guaranteed for life of the car.

    The body is in beautiful condition. (some paint peeled off the rubber front bumper). Inside, there is a ripe in driver's seat upholstery, and the headliner is coming down in the back above the rear window. The passenger window works intermittently (tho it is up, it has never stuck when down)

    I have done all scheduled maintenance, and kept records of that. Emissions passed easily.

    What i want to find is a Lincoln Enthusiast, who would love to own and work on the car, and restore it to its day-before-yesterday top-running condition.

    If anyone knows such a person, Please let me know!

    Thanks so much, You all !
  • Have a 94 Continental that was giving me 'Check DCL' message and was giving low oil level readings (which were incorrect).

    Advised by mechanic to replace entire cluster.
    Bought one from salvage yard online. Had it installed. Still getting 'Check DCL' (comes on, beeps 10 times, goes off, very random), gas level read 8 gallons, drove it 120 miles, gas level reading went to 12 gallons. Getting 'CO' reading on left display for fuel reading.

    Is this related to the instrument cluster or is there another potential cause?
  • mpclevmpclev Posts: 1
    Have a 94 Continental that was giving me 'Check DCL' message and was giving low oil level readings (which were incorrect).Also have bell going off when car off keys out upon exiting and entering.

    Advised by mechanic to replace entire cluster.
    Bought one from salvage yard online. Had it installed. Still getting 'Check DCL' (comes on, beeps 10 times, goes off, happens randomly), gas level read 7 gallons, drove 60 miles went to 11 gallons. Also getting 'CO' reading on left display.
  • I have a 98 continental and the battery light is periodically flashing (usually after driving it a few miles). It nevers stays on is just flashes every once and awhile and then stops. The lights flash also almost like a surge. I had the battery and the alternator (1 year old) tested and they are fine. Can someone please tell me what they think might be wrong. I really appreciate it.

  • My low tire pressure warning is blinking on the overhead console and everytime I start my car it displays the "warning low tire pressure" message. The tire pressure were all ok and I suspect that the sensors were faulty. It's possible that the sensors ran out of battery (i read that the smartire sensor battery lasts only 5-8 yrs) I have a 1998 lincoln continental, if anybody have this kind of problem and got it fixed, let me know.
  • I have been blessed with a 1997 Lincoln Continental with an overheat problem. The water pump was replaced because the bearings were going bad. The thermostat was replaced because it only opened about a quarter of what the new one does. During a test drive the water temperature meter stayed cold and then rapidly moved up and up to hot. I could get no heat from the heater either. The next day the water reservoir was empty so I added more coolant. It is hard to completely refill the cooling system when fully drained due to it's design. Today the temperature gauge, heater, and cooling system worked just fine. Question is can this car's cooling system do strange things if not completely full?
  • keyskeys Posts: 1
    I have a 1994 Lincoln Continental. I lost my remote key and I got a new and the instruction to program it says that I have to jump the connectors which are located in the back of the glove box. My question is how to do I get there?
  • I have a 2002 Lincoln continental that has recently had a new fuel pump installed. It would just quit on me in the middle of nowhere. Now, I have a problem with the interior lighting. It will go off when the car is turned off and door closed, but will come back on for the rest of the night. It drained my battery. What would be the cause of this? Hope someone can help me.
  • I have a 1998 Continental that makes a terrible whirring sound when I start it and continues while it idles cold. When I accelerate the whirring gets louder but if I take my foot off the accelerator the whirring goes away. Dealer thinks its the transmission other independent garage thinks it might be the power steerin pump. Has anyone else had anything like this??
  • cardavcardav Posts: 3
    That would be the power steering pump, especially if someone put in some stop leak or thick power steering fluid.
  • esmallesmall Posts: 1
    hi every one.on my 97 continental when i close my door the light would stay on until i start driving now my door light dont work at all. sometimes when i put my car in drive or reverse the radio lose sound and when i make turns it sounds like the speakers gets better sound now sometimes if i dont unlock all doors with the key pad the car dont start i change the body computer check all grounds no luck did any one heard or had any thing like this one.
  • No response to my last post. So, Ill try this one. I am losing all the fluid in my washer tank. I wonder if its a tube or what that has a hole in it or is off the line?

    I know I sound like a female and I am.
  • Never apologize for asking a good's a sure sign of intelligence.I had a similer problem with my Volkswagon reserve tank. It could be:

    A) the cap is leaking and lost it's seal. Check this by driving with the blue washer fluid filled up in it and drive over some bumps and take a few hard turns. Look under the hood and see if you see any signs of splasing near the top or leaks. Get a big rubber washer to fix it. Look for at auto parts store or Lowes plumbing dept. poss dealer part too.

    B) The tank has a fine crack in it creating a slow leak. Fill it up and let it sit for awhile (hours maybe) over concrete pavement or some surface where you can spot leaks & drips later. See if level is lower too to make sure you don't mistake it for other drips.
    Use colored water or blue washer fluid. Remeber, it may only allow it to leak if the weather is warm and the engine is warm due to thermal stress on the crack. If you find the leak you'll still have to take the tank out so why not by a new one although it can be glued with the right kind of plastic/nylon or whatever material type glue the tank is made from.
    I'd just buy a new one or if you can afford it. Hope this helps.
  • Had the same problem with my 2000. Turns out that it was the idler pully. Suggest that when you have the pully changed,,,,,,replace the serpentine belt also.
  • How do you remove the rear brake light (in the trunk lid) of a 95 Lincoln Continental, and install new bulb?

    I tried removing the stiff fabric covering the inside of the trunk lid by removing the plastic pins, I found the bulb holder but I could not pull it out to replace the bulb. I also tried to turn it without success. How does one get to the bulb housing to replace a burned out bulb?
  • Up last night turning the interior lights off. It happened the night before and drained the battery. What would cause this? I turned off the automatic switch so they wouldnt come on. Also, when it does this the mileage turns up to 700 miles??? weird.
  • wcuthoodwcuthood Posts: 1
    Hi everyone can anyone help me figure this problem out. First my heater started blowing cold air so a mechanic suggested I get a new thermonstat. Now my car is running hot although before it wasn't running hot I just lost the heat now I have no heat and it's running hot??
  • Have a 2001 LC with only 65K in excellent cond. Six months ago Service light came on, dealer did a costly diagnostic and reprogrammed PCM (?). Was told if it happened again could be catalytic converter. Car's been fine until a few days ago when Serv light came on again. Went to bring it to dealer today and battery was completely drained but nothing was left on to do this. What else could cause Service light to come on ? Any connection to battery being drained ? I appreciate any help. Thanks.
  • blackdayzblackdayz Posts: 16
    The trans shifts fine when cold but hesitates when hot or dosent want to shift at all,also noticed air bubbles in fluid.any help at all would be very much appreciated
  • lintechlintech Posts: 1
    Do you still have that car or do I have it? If you got it fixed will you tell me what they did too it. I have the same problem with my car it is a 1994 I bought it sometime in June.
    :( I am also experiencing low level suspension I checked the switch in the trunk and it is on. So the car look like it getting ready to take off by itself. I have just had my key switch fixed so I can start it with the key. I have had to cross switch it to start it under the hood for a few months till I went crazy and did no care what I had to pay. Well compared to what every one was saying it was not that bad but finding the problem was hell and It was a electical conductor.
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