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Lincoln Continental Air Bag System

sznurkrsznurkr Member Posts: 1
edited June 2020 in Lincoln
I have a 2001 continental, the air bag light is sending a code of 36. Can you tell me what that means?


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    talayatalaya Member Posts: 1
    does anyone know how to adjust or service these ride height sensors? we have replaced compressor and front air bags and the only way the system will work right is if we wiggle the ride height sensors before we leave it is 1994 lincoln continental :mad:
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    tedmasstedmass Member Posts: 1
    Anybody know how to clear the SRS Codes (air bags)
    Had a code 42 ,replaced left front crash sensor still have codes . I dont have a scanner . Disconected + and - on battery for 4 min. still have code . Need to get inspection sticker or I cant drive Thanks .............Tedmass
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    666mike666mike Member Posts: 8
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    norahs1962norahs1962 Member Posts: 1
    We had tires put on the front and they didn't turn off air ride swich in truck and now its been sitting for two days and it won't rise.. what can we do to fix this problem
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    no1buckshotno1buckshot Member Posts: 3
    I hav a 1991 lincoln continental. I want to know how to adjust the air ride. tires were changed without turning off the air ride now they won't pump up unless I lift on side of car. But they will not stay up. :mad:
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    krewkrew Member Posts: 1
    i jacked up my 1992 lincoln continental up on driver side to change starter now the driver side is much higher than the passenger side can anyone tell me if there is a place to adjust to level the car off.
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    MjornirMjornir Member Posts: 1
    first, switch is turned off to PREVENT damage to air strut(s). if no damage, then turn the switch (air ride) off, disconnect neg - wire on the battery, wait awhile (have a coffee, etc.), reconnect battery, turn ignition on (w/engine running), turn air ride switch on...
    air system should correct itself (best if on a hill, front facing uphill)...
    NOTE: you may have to start engine 2-3 times per cycle to get proper height...
    i own a "88 continental signature series.
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    chazsqlchazsql Member Posts: 1
    Can the air ride suspension for a 1994 Continental be replaced with a Air Suspension Conversion Kit for a Ford Taurus?
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    daystar900daystar900 Member Posts: 1
    My air bag suspention in the rear of the car oon both sides gows down when the car sits all night.I have checked for leaks but have found none.does anyone know what may be wrong.I have changed the compressor & dryer.The car stays up in the front & the rear will inflate & stay that way while driving but when car is parked all night the rear goes down.please help.
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    no1buckshotno1buckshot Member Posts: 3
    End all you'r airbag troubles call STRUT MASTERS and get air bag conversion. It costs less than one new air bag and labor. You get 4 new springs 4 struts and instructions .If you are into you'r own repairs it is not hard to install. The people at strut masters are very helpful. They can supply air bag repacement parts also at good prices.
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    charles74charles74 Member Posts: 3
    That is soooo true! I tried strutmasters as well and I am glad I dont have to deal with all that airbag garbage anymore. A buddy of mine installed mine since he knows more about cars than I do, but he said it was pretty simple just like the site said. So I strongly, strongly recommend it! :)
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    crushercrosscrushercross Member Posts: 1
    did anyone answer this question for you>? Same thing happened to me, I put a tranny in vehicle didnt know anything about the air ride button. and now just the driver side is working.
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    tinacamptinacamp Member Posts: 1
    I took my 2001 Lincoln Towncar to the shop and they fixed my outer tire rods and now they telling me I got busted ball joints and now when I brought the car there my air suspension is messed up my car looks like a low rider they think I'm stupid cause I'm a female I know they did something to my car !
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    jepmanjepman Member Posts: 1
    Same thing happened to me. I called the dealer. They say get in car. Make sure all doors and trunk hood are closed. Turn air susp. switch on. Turn ignition to on but dont start. at same time push gas pedle to floor and hold it. system will balance out and should return to normal.
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    Soapymallard1Soapymallard1 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1994 Lincoln Continental. It loses all levelling in the rear of the car. When I start up in the morning it levels off and stays up for about 5 hours before it drops again. Pump is good and no leaks can be found. Need help please
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    MuhammadImranMuhammadImran Member Posts: 2
    The Lincoln Continental Air Bag System is a system of air bags first developed by the Lincoln automobile company in the 1940s and later used on other cars. It is among the earliest automotive safety technology, predating even seat belts. In cars fitted with this system, pressurized air bags inflate from a canister at the front of each side window to cushion passengers during head-on collisions. The bag closes over an area of their bodies, taking up most of the space between their heads and windshields or dashboard just before impact.
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