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How much difference is there between and F250 and a F350. It looks like heavier coils springs in the front and an additional leaf in the back. It doesn't appear axles, transmissions, engines are any different. So why the big price difference?
Can anyone set me on the correct path. If so is the GMC and Chevrolet's the same.


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    The 350 has different load range tires, higher weight rating axles, and heavier springs. They also come rated from the factory at a higher weight rating from the factory which makes them legal to carry these loads. You cannot upgrade a 250 to a 350 load capacity, legally its still a 250.
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    Didn't want to change the GVWR, just wondered why they even sell the F250 is the changes are so minor. Does the little bit less of suspension make it ride better or does this make people think it does? Keep on trucking.
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    I really don't believe the "axles" are any different. The rear spring rates are different and the 350 comes standard with the trailer tow package while you pay extra on the 250. The standard tires are upgraded on the 350 but all configurations of tire are available on both trucks(except DRW) Does anyone keep their factory tires?????

    Both trucks share the same GVW on the front end so I don't believe there is any spring diff there.

    The price diff is only like $400 for 2WD and under $700 for a 4WD CC.
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    The F-250 is a 3/4 ton rated truck and the F-350 is a 1 ton rated.
    There is a big difference in the front ends of the 4x4 trucks in that the f-250 is an independant front end (unless it is the heavy 3/4 ton package) and the F-350 is a solid front end.
    The rear ends are different.The F-350 has a floater axle,which does have a higher load rating.
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    You may have a point on the "old" 250/350 but your explanation can't be any further from the truth on the "new" Super Duties. There is no more light duty 250 from Ford. It is now a heavy, 7700 GVW I believe, 150.

    ALL the 250's and 350's are now Super Duties from Ford. The 4WD 250 and 350 both use the Dana 50 front end rated at 5200lbs. and both use a full floater rear with different spring rates depending on rear GVW. As discussed in a past topic, all current Ford 250's and 350 have the same GCVWR.
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    350 can be ordered with dually rear wheels, 250 cannot. That may have something to do with price and costs.

    And yes, Chevy and GMC are the same... for now. Unless youre talking about the C3
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