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Economical way to replace EBCM?

Hello all,
To make a longer story somewhat shorter; I was hoping to get opinions on the most economical way to replace the electronic brake control module (EBCM) in my 2001 Grand Prix GTP. Various dealers have provided quotes between $1100 and $1400. The part itself is right around $1000 new.

In general, would a dealership install a used/salvaged part? I've called around to a couple salvage yards, and they say they could get the part used for $250. If a dealership would not perform the installation with a used part, is it feasible for an independent mechanic to do the work. Or, is this the type of thing that only a dealer can install?

Would anybody be able to help me find the GM service bulletin for replacing the EBCM. If I do have to use a dealer, I was hoping to get some idea on how much labor charge GM says this work should require (since I think I got ripped off on the labor on the wheel speed sensor harness swap).

Thanks for your assistance.

(The longer version of what's going on. In late July of this year, my ABS and TCS lights starting coming on and staying on (the lights would come on a few minutes into driving the car; after the ABS self-tests failed). I took the car two independent mechanics, neither of which had the scan tools to interface with the car. Once taking it to the dealer, they said the wheel speed sensor harness needed to be replaced. They did that (costing $300), but the problem was not fixed. Next they said the EBCM needed to be replaced, and it would cost $1200. I said no thanks to that so I could investigate all this further. So I'm currently driving the car without ABS or TCS.)


  • harvmharvm Posts: 3
    My 2001 Tahoe LE has brake and ABS dash lights on. Gotta get the thing state (TX) inspected asap. Also, radio speakers quit speaking. Are the two problems, ABS and speakers, related?

    This is a website that does rebuilding of the EBCM. I would contact them to see if they can do this for yours. At our shop we typically do not like to use salvaged parts unless absolutely necessary. Especially with electronic parts because usually these are sitting for some time and about half of them do not work or fail quickly when installed. That being said, there is a time for everything. If you the place above cannot fix yours, and you cannot afford a new one, then safety is certainly the main concern and I would go with the salvage yard one.

    The module installation in Michell1 says 1 hour, so depending on your area you should be between 50-100 dollars. A local repair shop can do this for you, since this does not need to be programmed to your vehicles ECM. Good luck.
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