2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt

jthembajthemba Member Posts: 8
,,,the window louvers and the side scoop...plus the REAL Torq Thrust wheels in black.

Woulda been awesome.

But I love Mustangs, and I wanted to see the execution of this one before I purchased a normal GT.

Guess I'll have to get in line for the Bullitt!


  • cap232pilot1cap232pilot1 Member Posts: 20
    Edmunds did so well with this one that the next morning I got in touch with a dealer ! I hope the people out there who ran up the prices on the Shelbys stay outta this one. I thinking its too plain for them and hope they keep buying the tape and hood scoop stuff. And a message to the greedy Ford dealers out there- you drove away the T- Bird buyers so well that the car died from tacking on premiums. The 2007/08 Shelbys are dropping invalue ,too, right now. They are ,of course, a zillion times better than the retro T-Bird, but smart people are walkin' away from paying premiums over list with all the stuff coming down the pike from GM and Dodge.The Bullitt is a car that is going to be built EVERYDAY until 7,700 copies are made.

    I consider a car to be rare like the 200 COPO ( 197 were Yenkos)Novas from 1970.
  • gmcbobgmcbob Member Posts: 27
    I've noticed that Edmund's acceleration tests usually result in slower times than other car magazines. Their 0-60 test results in a 5.2 second time for the Bullitt, where Motor Trend's is 5.0 flat. Not really too far off topic, going back through some other tests, I've noticed that MT ripped a 13.5 second 1/4 mile time in an 05 Mustang GT, which would have put them a car length or so ahead of Edmund's 05 Mustang GT time of 14.1 seconds. I wonder if it's a function of where the tests are actually done (different elevations), or if it's something else (drivers?) Anyone else ever notice this on other tests? The new 08 CTS comes to mind too (5.8 seconds 0-60 in C&D, low 6's on Edmunds).
  • sfchsesfchse Member Posts: 1
    Nice car. I look forward to my 425 HP '68 Bullitt Charger eating the new blue oval for breakfast. See you at Steve McQueen Days in Slater, MO on March 28th & 29th or in San Francisco this summer. SFCHSE
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    Don't put that car on a Dyno. You might end up disappointed.

    1968 HP rules are very very different from 2008 HP rules.

  • jae5jae5 Member Posts: 1,206
    Was thinking the same on both counts. Read AutoWeek last night on the Bullitt. I hope they don't jack the price up on it like the Shelby GT, GT500.

    Here's a question, why buy the Shelby GT (other than name of course) when the Bullitt has near the same HP and perhaps the performance? For me personally I would rather have the Bullitt, with avoiding the "it's a Shelby" ADM an added bonus.

    I consider a car to be rare like the 200 COPO ( 197 were Yenkos)Novas from 1970

    You're gonna make me :cry: Those things are nas-tee wicked!!! :shades:
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTMember Posts: 15,640
    I am very impressed with the write ups that I've read so far here on edmunds and in autoweek. Besides the performance, I really dig the stealth styling (no fog lights or hood scoops) of the upcoming Bullitt Mustang. I won't be in the market for a new car for a long time (unless something awful happens to my '01 Honda Prelude Type SH), but I wonder how well the Bullitt is going to hold up in the long run. How well is the interior crafted? How are the materials? What kind of gap tolerances are in between the body panels? I'm sure the typical Mustang buyer isn't too comcerned with these things. Maybe some current GT or Shelby owners can shed some light on the subject. For a little over $30K I'd be able to get myself into a BMW 1 series.

    My only seat time in the current generation Mustang was in a V6 Convertible. While I was impressed with the ride, the comfortable seats, and even thought the handling was decent, the interior (IMO) was digcraceful.

    My Prelude was purchased in may of '02 (as a leftover) and currently has over 88,000 miles on it and doesn't squeak or rattle and is as tight as the day I took delivery of it.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2022 Highlander XLE AWD, 2022 Wrangler Sahara 4Xe

  • cap232pilot1cap232pilot1 Member Posts: 20
    I think this vehicle , like most domestics of the day , will hold quite well. We had a new 1969 Mach 1 in the family which gave excellent service day in and day out for 8 years. Unfortunately, it was totalled 3 weeks after my brother sold it. Back then, no one hung on to a car , but if had , it would be a collector car today for sure.

    Honda makes great vehicles. Between my son and I, we put 255K on a 92 Accord and could have sold a dozen of them from the newspaper ad- no one cared about the mileage.The wife has an 07 Accord and I have an 01 Odyssey as daily drivers... but they 're not American muscle . The Bullitt fits the bill. Anyone fortunate enough to get one will be very happy.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTMember Posts: 15,640
    but they 're not American muscle . The Bullitt fits the bill.

    There's something in me that's always wanted a V8. As good as my 4 cyl Prelude is, and as torquey & powerful as BMW's Twin Turbo N52 engine is, there's something about a V8. I know too much about build quality, balance, handling, and other things automotive to go out and spend $30K for a Mustang. IT will be a special car for those who have the privledge of owning one.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2022 Highlander XLE AWD, 2022 Wrangler Sahara 4Xe

  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    Most of the rental cars do not have the IUP also known as Interior Upgrade Package. Code 18g. With out IUP the interior is very very low buget looking. CR so far is very impress with Mustang and JD Powers reports that the Shelby GT500 is best in class for Initial Quality.

  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    This car is suppose to be a performance bargain. A 300+ HP car for less than $32,000!

    Crude? A little. Fun to drive? You bet. BUT this is not a tame pony.

  • cccompsoncccompson Member Posts: 2,382
    Well, to give you an idea of my perspective, my everyday ride is an Odyssey and my wife drives a Pilot. The build quality of my '06 Mustang GT convertible is not quite that of a Honda but it is pretty good. The interior has too much hard plastic but, heck, most all cars do today! It has the tan interior with the interior upgrade package and the black dash, seat belts, console, and door panel trim contrast nicely with the tan seats and carpet.

    How will it hold up in the long run? Undoubtedly quite well for me since it is driven less than 1000 miles per year.

    As for the Bullitt - Ford's hit another home run IMHO. It's funny though to think of a car being true to its "heritage" when it stems from a movie.
  • cap232pilot1cap232pilot1 Member Posts: 20
    Curious as to how Ford will build these starting Jan. 08 - in one shot for all 7,700 or piecemeal throughout the rest of the model year ? My guess is that it will be the former , but it'd be nice to hear from someone who has more than just a guess and actual info on this matter straight from Ford.
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    Bullitts: There is no allocation, Ford is just letting dealers put up orders. SO its likely that there will be a deluge at first which will wane to a trickle until the 7700 number is hit.

    Shelby GTs for 08 were built all at once then sent to Los Vegas.

    I have a question though for people, whats your preference?
    Green, or;

  • cccompsoncccompson Member Posts: 2,382
    Oh that's a tough one, Mark. Probably green because of the heritage. Black is going to be rarer though, right?
  • cap232pilot1cap232pilot1 Member Posts: 20
    Black, will indeed make for the rarer Bullitt ,color wise.However, when all else is considered, Ford will build far more black Mustangs of this vintage for all models than Highland Green vehicles- (a color which will remain exclusive to the 2008 Bullitt.)

    We'll probably have to wait for the collector car auctions 25 years from now as to which 08 Bullitts are bringing the most bucks.
  • lachlach Member Posts: 1
    I owned an 85 Dodge Shelby Charger. Reason I brought this up. .98 g's turning.

    WHAT? I'm a Ford guy, mostly have been, except for that car. And I would Expect Ford could make a car that would at least match that g force.
  • endodocendodoc Member Posts: 15
    i think this a great fourth car.. as far as baby boomer collectors .. my kids are 28 and 30 . i bought a copy of bullitt so they could watch it.
  • max_2000max_2000 Member Posts: 1
    What a great car (Bullitt). Thanks Ford.
  • newbeetle04newbeetle04 Member Posts: 5
    I just purchased a new '08 Bullitt and am loving it!!
    It is great looking and a real fun car to drive. Powerful, tight gear shifter, beaytiful interior and great sounding exhaust!! Everything that has been advertised about this car is right on the mark.
  • paulymustangpaulymustang Member Posts: 1
    i had an 05 GT and just traded it in on a new 08 BULLITT. this car is awesome, i like the kind of plain look, although there's nothing plain about the power lurking under the hood. fast smooth shifting, comfortable ride, and the shaker 1000 audio system is definately a plus.
  • sellaturcicasellaturcica Member Posts: 145
    Anyone willing to divulge how much these are going for? Any "dealer premiums?"
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    A lot of dealers were selling these at X plan (or willing to sell at X plan - there is some debate about whether X plan is allowed or not). I think you'd be able to get one for $500 over invoice or thereabouts with no sweat - maybe less if you work at it.
  • dan1dan1 Member Posts: 76
    I was at a Ford dealer the other weekend helping my neighbor shop for cars and they had an 08 DHG Bullitt there. I brought my 01 Bullitt down and they pulled the 08 up next to mine for a photo. I must say I still like the looks of mine better but the 08 is nice. I will post the picture but it's on my home computer at the moment.
  • cap232pilot1cap232pilot1 Member Posts: 20
    It's nice to read about people coveting cars since they were new. The styling of the 2001 Bullitt, is nice, but it shares little with the 68 in the movie car.I was 18 at that time and saw the movie at a drive-in.What are drive-ins you ask ?
    The 2008 is as close as it gets to that vehicle. That's why I own one. We had a 69 Mach 1 in the family back in 1969 and my 08 reminds me so much of it.
    Now if only I could find a way to get back those 40 years
  • redline6000redline6000 Member Posts: 1
    I bought my '08 Bullitt new in April, '08, and it now has 28,500 miles on the odometer. I haven't had any problems mechanically with it and it is a stout performer with 315 h.p. and a 3.73 rear axle. I am kinda wondering how the resale value will hold up in the future as I intend to keep it. After this year, I'll probably purchase a new vehicle and put maybe a couple thousand miles on the Bullitt a year, if that. It'll be garage kept. J.
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