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Nissan Murano Tires and Wheels

ronswmronswm Posts: 9
edited September 2014 in Nissan
Hey everyone:

I was seriously considering buying a 2008 Nissan Rogue w/AWD leather. However, now after checking out the sweet looking '09 Murano and all it's great features that the Rogue just doesn't have, I am now interested in the new Murano LE with AWD and black leather in Platinum Graphite (great looking grey color).

After checking the new Murano out, I love the extra features it has over the Rogue, such as push button start ignition, power lift tailgate, rain sensing wipers, 20” wheels, dual zone auto temp. control (ATC) front & rear heated seats, avail. Nav. System, rear view monitor (backup camera), memory seats, and lastly more front leg room (I’m 6’1”) than the Rogue. With all these extras that is not available on the Rogue, I’m sold on this new Murano.

Has anyone else checked the new Murano out.

I have a concern with the LE having the std. 20" wheels. I’m really impressed with the larger wheels – gives it a better stance. Does anyone know if the ride/handling will be rougher than having 18" inchers? If so, I may need to consider the SE model instead and add the other LE options to it. BTW, I've never owned an SUV/CUV before, so this is a helluva shopping experience for me.

Any info on the large wheels will be greatly appreciated. :) :shades:



  • itsmejsitsmejs Posts: 4
    We just test drove a 2009 Murano LE AWD, and I thought the ride was great. I think its better and quicker than the earlier model. I read that the SE's ride was not as good because of the firmer suspension. We are purchasing for $100 under invoice.
  • blerner1blerner1 Posts: 12
    Where can you buy replacement tires for the 2009 Murano AWD LE?

  • Hello all MO owners, last month I had the original new car tires replaced( 57,500 miles) 235/65/R18. In Nov. of 2007 the price at Sams Club was $136.00. In Feb it was $139.00. In July it dropped down to $112.00. I had to wait a week for tires to arrive at Sams. They charge $12.00 for time balance, and warrentes, free rotation and flat repair. The tires were manufactured during the 22nd and 25 th week of 2008. Homeouner
  • I posted a note on the purchase of new set of tires ( Goodyear Eagle GT for my MO ). Where did you locate it.? Thanks.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I don't remember moving it anywhere but I see it over in the brakes discussion. I'll try to move it here. [and here it is:]
  • edgy99edgy99 Posts: 34
    Hey all. My wife and I just bought a nice 2005 AWD LS with just over 30K miles. Still has the OE Goodyears, and we want to replace.

    According to Tirerack, the GY's weren't all that good in wet to begin with. It shows Yokohama AVID H4S as a best seller. What are you folks running? Thanks in advance.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    I have a set of firestone destination LE's on my jeep. Researched for 2 weeks and picked these. You can do better than the internet prices at the Firestone stores if you wait for sales and special promotions. Free balance and rotation . Sometimes %10 off on sunday's. These tires have been awsome in rain and light snow. Don't have to use the 4wd much. The goodyears were like racing slicks in comparison.
  • The AWD is automatic, so you wouldn't know if it was engaged or not (Nissan doesn't provide a light to tell you when it automatically kicks in). AWD Lock just forces it into AWD at low speeds, but this is separate from auto-AWD which the vehicle defaults into.
  • new6new6 Posts: 3
    I just bought a new set of GoodYear from GoodYear dealer, Fortera Triple threat (all season tires with all new technologies). They are the greatest tires i never ride on: the ride is very smooth, corner handling is great, i can't complaint :shades: . You should check them out
  • edgy99edgy99 Posts: 34
    Will check out the Fortera. Anyone ever research the Yokohama AVID H4S? Tirerack likes them.
  • edgy99edgy99 Posts: 34
    To homeouner2 -- did you buy OE tires, or another brand?

    I think the 2009s come with Toyo tires as OE -- anyone know the kind?
  • This is for post 4 and 8 above,

    Wife has had her 2009 MO LE/AWD for three months now and absolutely loves it.

    - Tires: The LE and 20 inch wheels only come with the Toyo tires.
    - The size: 235/55-20. I have yet to find a tire manufacturer other than Toyo who has this size?? I will say however that they ride pretty nice.

    For the question on whether the ride is rougher than the 18 inch wheels: - We test drove each back to back and I felt very little difference. I too was very concerned with this yet loved the 20's over the 18's as well.

    NOTE! - Nissan ships the Murano/tires at ~44psi, thus if your dealer has not adjusted down to the placard pressure of ~33psi the MO will ride very rough with the 20's (or 18's) etc.

    Great car so far!
  • I have the Yokohoma's on my FX 35 and aside from an elevated road noise they are some of the best tires I have owned...I'm a "gearhead" and have had Continental, Dunlop, Bridgestone and Pirelli..on several cars and these are the very best...and they are from TireRack!!
  • This is concerning the ~44psi on the tires you tire pressure light came on today...the inside dirver's door says to inflate to 33psi, but my light stayed on even after pumping them all to 34-35psi. I have the 20's, and I don't know whether this setting can be adjusted by me (us) or if the dealer can. The imprint on the tires says 44psi, though.
    Once I realized the light was still on, I inflated them all to 44psi, and it turned off.
    I don't understand why there's a difference between the tire label and the door label. :confuse:
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    44 is way too high. That is a maximum before they explode. Try 35psi and give the sensors a few miles to set.
  • ok, maybe that's the problem...i didn't drive after checking the light again.
    i'll take em' back down to 35psi. thx, jayrider!
  • spaytonspayton Posts: 1
    Consumer Reports recommendsThe Cooper Discover CTS. Any one have it?
    What sizes other than the P235-65R/18 should I consider?
  • pro7pro7 Posts: 5
    Seasons Greetings to All,

    1. Great site and good posts

    2. In re Tires. Yes, I replaced the original Goodyears on my 2005 Murano about 6 months ago with the Yokohama AVID H4S (the original Goodyears were - well, what is the nice way of putting this - pretty marginal). The reason I did was I have bought the Yoki's for my Infiniti and my firs car (a 1993 Honda del sol - how I loved that car when life was simple just out of college...sorry to reminisce). So, I've driven Yoki's on 3 seperate cars. I have to say they are really good on all counts - low noise, good traction, etc. Honestly, I think they are fantastic tires and was pretty glad they are available for the Murano. I ordered them off Tire Rack and had a trusted local shop in my town put them on. The internet is truly great when you want just the right product.



    Yokohama AVID H4S
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    edited November 2010
    Hi everyone,

    just replaced tires on our 2005 Murano SL AWD. OE Goodyear eagles lasted only 25k miles and were so-so. i replaced with Kumho Solus KR21s and these lasted 31k miles with good traction but numb handling. Now just put on General Altimax RT which got good reviews for wet traction and so far the handling and road noise is much better than both previous tires. hopefully they will last at least 30k+ miles.
  • mmrenommreno Posts: 9
    Greetings! All you folks on the eastern seaboard have been getting our winter so if you need real winter tires for your AWD Murano, I can say that for the past 4 winters, I have run the Bridgestone Blizzak Studless snow tires, this September I did get a new set ordered and put them on Thanksgiving weekend, in time for the wettest December on record here in Reno, NV.
    I do have 2 sets of rims and we run Yokohamas for our "summer" tire, but I will not run them in marginal conditions, while the Bridgestones have tolerated powder snow over ice; black ice; and heavy wet,"sierra cement" snow, back & forth over Donner and Echo summits in the high sierra. My 2006 Murano has been carrying a new set of chains since we bought it new in 1/06 and when we pick up our new 2010 Murano Saturday, I'll have made it 70,000 miles without ever needing them.
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