Hyundai Azera 2009

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I took my 06 Azera in for service on June 3rd and noticed a metallic red Azera sitting on the lot.
Once I got close enough I realized it was a 2009 with an MSRP of $30,869.00. The first thing you will notice are the new rims. They are not chrome but they do have a satin nickel finish that looks very nice. The new grill has tasteful upturned bars that look more defined. Inside you will find that all the silver accents are now chrome and the wood is darker with a different grain. The audio system (it did not have navigation.) has a larger display with a better preset layout for XM and now includes a console mounted aux/usb jack and best of all the interior illumination is BLUE... :D The carpet and lower trim pieces are a much darker color. I find the contrast to be very tasteful. The dealer insisted that I test drive it, he did not have to ask twice, and I will say that the suspension is much quieter and more controlled. To some it up...I should have waited for an '09... :sick:


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    This car matches the description of the 2009 Korean home-market model whose brochure was available some months ago through a link from this website.

    You don't mention whether you have test-driven a 2008. Given that the '08 had significant suspension changes that were reported to be an improvement in these same areas, I'd say the jury is still out on whether the 2009 suspension is any different than that of the '08.

    But in any case, great news. Thanks for relaying it.
  • technishawntechnishawn Member Posts: 26
    I drove an '08 Azera as a loner car for a weekend and I do think the '09 felt more controlled but without driving them back to back who knows. :confuse: It is just an all around nicer package in my opinion, much better than my '06. But in any case, they made the much needed improvements in a very reasonable time and all is well in the cosmos. :D

    Long live the Azera......
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    Based on my experience with an 07, the jury will be out on the 08's and 09's until they have over 5,000 miles on them as far as the suspension is concerned. My 07 rode well when new, but deteriorated. They replaced the struts and it rode well again and then deteriorated.
    Unless they have completely redesigned the entire suspension, which I doubt, the problems are still there.
  • carfan37carfan37 Member Posts: 15
    I have become very excited about the Azera; looked at the ''08. Does anyone
    have information on the '09 availability in South Florida? Aware of any special
    incentive programs? Thank you.
  • tonycdtonycd Member Posts: 223
    Bob, you are an intelligent and sincere man. I respect your posts, and all the more since I have no Azera ownership experience of my own.

    But in the interest of fairness, I must note that Hyundai did say they completely redesigned the shocks themselves with a new "twin tube" design. Having not heard any reports of the problem so far with the 2008 models, and having not detected any problem myself in a rough-road test drive (which the 2006 flunked in this regard), I don't know there's any proof that they have not fixed the infamous "clunk." With all due empathy for your very car's very frustrating problem, we might want to reserve judgment on that.
  • ratledgeratledge Member Posts: 233
    With 12,000+ miles on my '08 Limited/Ultimate I'm still a happy camper. There has been no change in my suspension since the day I picked it up, and it handles much better overall than the '07 I test-drove. :)
  • vwitherspoonvwitherspoon Member Posts: 2
    Could someone post some pics of the 2009 Hyundai Azera?
  • tonycdtonycd Member Posts: 223
    I now see that posts #951 and #952 in the forum "Hyundai Azera Front End Problems" do describe front suspension problems being experienced by owners of 2008 Azeras. I defer to you.
  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076
    No USB/iPod port/aux with nav. You will also lose the cd changer with navi. So for the limited then just get the ultimate package and buy a portable navi. Might be a better deal. The iPod cable is 08620-2L000 and costs around 24 to 30 USD.
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Member Posts: 576
    Thanks. I wish they had found a fix because then there might be a resolution for the rest of us. I did test drive a 2008 and it drove just like mine and the service manager agreed with me.
  • njalannjalan Member Posts: 70
    Today I went to check out both the Sonata and Azera. The 08 Azera looks nice but has a big engine (3.8 six). I wonder if the 2009 Azera would have a 4 cylinder or a small 6 cylinder engine. The dealer said the 2009 is due out in September or October but has no idea about the engine option. Please help.
  • joe97joe97 Member Posts: 2,248
    The current 08 Azera base trim (GLS) houses a 3.3L V6 engine; the same as the one used in the Sonata V6 trims.
  • tonycdtonycd Member Posts: 223
    If gas mileage is your priority, your best choice hands down among Sonata/Azera models is a 2009 Sonata with a 4. It's improved from its predecessors in both mileage and performance, getting from 0 to 60 in a very respectable 8.7 seconds and trouncing all the V6 Hyundais in mileage.
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    Drove one today. After owning 3 Maximas and one Avalon over the last 14 years, I expected to be underwhelmed. The Koreans have done a fine job, this car impresses, and makes me proud to have won the Korean War singlehandedly. :-) Having driven a 2008 yesterday, I am pretty sure that the 2009 has a different suspension with firmer shocks and a stiffer spring rate. It does not accelerate like the 2009 Maxima I drove last week, but the Korean does not cost $38343 like the (gasp) Maxima--and that price is the reason I looked at the Azera. I really liked the auto!!
  • snaglepussnaglepus Member Posts: 160

    Thank you for you keen observation. ;)

    The new 2008 and later Azeras do indeed have different shocks both front and
    rear, but the springs are the same exact part numbers for all four model years.
    Only the shocks on car produced 10/20/07 and later are new parts. :surprise:

  • meyrowitzmeyrowitz Member Posts: 1
    SNAGELPUS - are you saying that the 2008 Azera I blindly bought which has a manuf date of 6/2007 has the older model shocks?

    Does the newer model shocks make a difference in the suspension problems that have been noted on this board?

  • snaglepussnaglepus Member Posts: 160


    How does your car feel? :confuse:

    I hope it doesn't wallow around like mine does, and I have had both sets of the earlier shocks.
    Neither the original 54611 - 3L041 or that TSB replacement 54611 - 3L040 lasted for 5K miles. :surprise:

    Here's what I do know . . .
    I went yesterday to my parts man at my local dealer, and he printed
    out all the information that their parts' Microfiche shows.

    Here part of what that printout says:

    Production dates 10/31/06 - 10/20/07 now lists front and rear shocks that end with 040.

    Production dates 10/20/07 - Current lists front and rear shocks that end with 640.

    The only positive way for you to know for sure is for you to get 'out and under' and see if you can see
    those last three numbers on the lower portion of any shock, front or rear that you can get to.
    By doing this, you will then know for sure. ;)

    Evidently according to what I have heard, those new parts seem to make a difference.
    It only stands to reason that because both the fronts and rear shocks were
    indeed changed, they may have been changed for the better.

    We know of one fellow (tcarr925) up in Northern Kalliforneia that has
    changed his fronts out for the latest part numbers ( 54611 - 3L640)
    I spoke with him at length just yesterday, and he thinks that there is some improvement.
    He's even posted a picture of a comparison of the old and new shocks over on the 'other' forum.
    He was not experiencing any clunking as reported by many, but after changing his older shocks (54611 - 3L041) out for the newest parts available, reports that the problems he was experiencing has disappeared.
    However, he did discover that one of his original front shocks was bad and evidently had failed, so
    perhaps with two good shocks now no matter which parts, he would indeed note improvement.
    BTW, the parts department no longer lists that original part number (54611 -
    3L041) saying that the 54611 - 3L040 is it's proper replacement.
    I wonder why Hyundai is not saying that the latest part number, the
    54611 - 3L640 shouldn't be used straight across for ALL years? :confuse:

    Please, let us know what you discover.
    It will indeed be very interesting to discover that they changed to the newer
    parts after the beginning of the 2008 model run. If true, that is :sick:


  • jfftx67jfftx67 Member Posts: 5
    Is there a big difference in the performance of the 3.3L 234 HP V6 in the GLS and the 3.8L 264 HP V6 in the Limited?

    Did you purchased the GLS or the Limited? Are you happy with your decision, or you would have preferred the other model, and why?
  • snaglepussnaglepus Member Posts: 160

    That's an easy question. I know of one fellow who will say that the smaller motor is
    fine, but I'm not at all positive that he has ever driven a 3.8L, let alone raced one. :surprise:

    The only 3.3L that I've driven was a 2006 Sonata LTD rental. We wanted an Azera to try before we bought
    our Azera, but there weren't any available. It was okay, but not a quick as the Azera which is heavier.

    Think about it. 29 less horsepower, and 31 ft-lbs less torque with the 3.3L. :surprise:
    The 3.3L GLS has 234 hp and only 226 ft-lbs torque.
    The 3.8L is listed at 263 HP and 257 ft-lbs torque.
    That extra torque is what you should really want and need.

    There is only one mpg difference in the official EPA city fuel economy estimates of the
    two models, but I doubt that the average owner will be able to record that difference.

    There is an old hotrodder saying that says: There is no substitute for cubic inches.
    The 3.8L is after all 14 percent larger in cubic inch piston displacement.

    The extra torque is where you should really notice a performance difference between the two engine sizes. Torque is what pulls you away from a dead stop easier and gives you better hill climbing ability.
    You won't feel that horsepower difference until you wind your engine up into
    the higher rpms, which with our 3.8L I seldom do because I don't need to.
    Because of that increased torque, we seldom go over 2000 rpm in the lower gears.
    I'd gladly give up another 29 horsepower if I could have an extra 31 ft-lbs more torque. I hope you understand. :confuse:

    Drive both models, and if you think that you will be happy with the smaller motor, go for it.
    When it's all said and done, you're the one who must live with your decision.
    But don't go for the GLS and then later wish you'd chosen the Limited.

    Consider the fact that the Limited has many standard features that are not even available in the GLS.

    Were you interested in simply saving money? Are you buying new or used?
    Shop around. Prices can vary considerably. Don't get in a hurry like I did.
    I paid more for for my loaded SE than many have paid for Limiteds with the ultimate package.
    Don't let that one mile-per-gallon city mileage differnce be the deciding factor.

    If you should decide on a new car, try to find one that was assembled after 10/20/07.
    Could be a late 2008 or any 2009. By doing so you will get the latest shocks.

    Good luck with your decision. And enjoy whichever model you pick.

    Any questions :confuse:

  • jfftx67jfftx67 Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info snaglepus.

    I understand your advice on the hp, and torque. I just needed someone to explain the main difference. Anyone else care to offer their opinion on the GLS vs. the Limited?

    I would certainly test drive both models before I purchase. I think my main concern would be saving money. One mile more per gallon wouldn't be of great concern. Right, there are many standard items available on the Limited that are not available on the GLS; items that I would not find really necessary.

    A gentleman I work with is a former Mazda technician, and a former Hyundai technician. He says both are really great cars. But he also says don't buy a used Hyundai primarily for two reasons 1.) Most used Hyundai's are former rental cars, and you know how people dog rentals, and 2.) Because of the warranty. The 100k mile warranty doesn't transfer. Only part of it.

    I would consider a used Hyundai Azera IF it weren't a rental. Some used Azera's are pretty inexpensive. I wouldn't buy Hyundai, or any car, if it had more than 10k miles per year of it's age.

    By the way, I saw the Genesis in a showroom yesterday evening after the dealership close. It was purty!

  • tonycdtonycd Member Posts: 223
    That electro-luminescent cluster on the Limited is downright Lexian. The base model's gauges look cheap and stale by comparison.
  • snaglepussnaglepus Member Posts: 160
    "With 12,000+ miles on my '08 Limited/Ultimate I'm still a happy camper. There has been no change in my suspension since the day I picked it up, and it handles much better overall than the '07 I test-drove."


    A couple of questions. :confuse:

    What is the build date of your 2008 Azera? If it is earlier than 10/20/07,
    you most likely have the earlier shocks, either the 041s or 040s.
    If the build date is later than 10/20/07, you should have the latest shocks which
    are the 640s.
    Sounds to me like you may indeed have the latest shocks! :surprise:

    How hard is it for you to see the numbers on the bottom of your front shocks?

    If you have what I call a late 2008 (built 10/20/07 or later) you indeed probably do have the later 640 shocks.
    You are the first person to come forward and state that you have more than 5K
    miles which is the point where you would know that your shocks start to
    act like they are worn out if they were either of the older front shocks.

    If what you are saying is factually correct and I really hope it is, that would indicate to me that
    Hyundai has indeed made some improvements with their latest front shock, the 54611-3L640.

    That will be good news to me and to many others also. That would make it worth while at
    least to me to change out my second set of the earlier shocks to the newest 640 parts.
    So please tell us which shocks you do have or at least your build date. Thanks.

  • joe97joe97 Member Posts: 2,248
    This is for the US market - highlights:


    FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Hyundai Azera’s long list of features has been expanded and upgraded once again for the 2009 model year, adding to its outstanding reputation for luxury and value in the premium sedan segment. Updates to the 2009 Azera include improved steering and suspension for better ride and handling on all models, new blue interior lighting, chrome interior accents, more distinctive chrome grille, redesigned alloy wheels and first-ever standard iPod®/USB and auxiliary inputs. Mid-year model changes carried over into the 2009 Azera include an LG in-dash navigation system. This more competitive Azera features no price increase for the GLS or Limited base models.

    · Redesigned 17-inch alloy wheels
    · More distinctive chrome grille
    · Signature blue interior lighting
    · Electroluminescent cluster display standard on GLS
    · Chrome interior accents
    · Dark brown woodgrain accents
    · Ion-plated metalgrain accents
    · More contrasting interior trim panels
    · Brown interior color choice
    · Audio head unit with larger display screen
    · Standard iPod®/USB auxiliary inputs
    · New exterior color options – Ivory Pearl, Black Onyx Pearl, Mystic Blue Pearl, Crimson Red Pearl, Smoky Gray Pearl, Silver Frost Metallic, Silk Beige Metallic
  • tonycdtonycd Member Posts: 223
    Thank you, Joe. Looks like most of the Korean '09 Grandeur stuff made it here.

    Wonder what that "ion-pated metalgrain accents" thing is? Glanced in through the window of an '09, and the console brightwork didn't look any different -- just shiny. My wife was with me, and she immediately singled it out to say she didn't like it. Although in fairness, she was benchmarking it against an M35x cockpit she'd seen just before. Her overall reaction was that the car looked like a luxury car wannabe. My reply: "It is. It's $15,000 cheaper than the one you were just looking at."
  • cdmuilecdmuile Member Posts: 152
    Exactly. When I bought the Azzie in march of '06, I told my 'best beloved' that this was a $40,000 car. Haven't changed my opinion. Perfect? Of course not. When I recently traded the car, I was surprised at the trade-in value. Maybe Hyundai has finally passed the terrible depreciation reputation. I hope so. My Azzie is currently on the used car lot of the Scion dealer for $20,995. I can live with that depreciation.
  • joe97joe97 Member Posts: 2,248
    The trend seems to be pointing that way. The Azera really got the ball rolling, in my opinion, and this is followed up with each iteration product line. The newest Hyundai, for example the Genesis, has a 50%+ predicted residual value after three years, beating a good number of current luxury models. :surprise:
  • vwitherspoonvwitherspoon Member Posts: 2
    I have an 06 Azera Limited with Ultimate Package 14,500 miles and I haven't had any shock or suspension problems. I also have a 20" wheel and tire 245/35/20 package on my car and it still rides nice and smooth and handles curves much better with the wider wheels and tires.
  • snaglepussnaglepus Member Posts: 160

    Mr. Witherspoon,

    What is the buiild date of your 2006 Azera?
    It's located on a plate down low on the pillar between the drivers and the rear door. :surprise:


  • ratledgeratledge Member Posts: 233
    hmmm.... Sorry for the tardy response: I've been in Copenhagen for 10 of the past 12 days and didn't bother to even take my computer, since I have worked with them for 35 years I figured a short break wouldn't kill me. :blush:

    I'm almost certain that my build date is EARLIER than that you show, thus I likely do NOT have the -640 shocks. I'll take a walk downstairs and check the date inside the driver-side door here shortly and reply again. :shades:

    OK - still shown in "EDIT" mode, so I'll go ahead and finish up here: Thinking about the date that you mentioned, I don't see how I could be driving one newer than 20-Oct-07 because this vehicle was delivered on 3-Jan-08 and likely would not have time to float across the big pond I'm fairly certain. ;) In any case, it was among the first 'batch' of '08 Azeras delivered over the New Years Day weekend so I'm going to go ahead and say - "I'll be surprised if it is" (the newer build date)...

    The build date shown on mine is July 7, 2007. Curious, eh? I can tell you I have never had anything "funny" with my suspension, and I currently / now have in excess of 16,000 miles on the vehicle.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    I sure would love to see pics of this...the pics they have of the '09 on Edmunds look like my '06 (sans the turn signals on the mirrors). Sounds like they've made some very nice changes.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    After talking with a couple of dealers, they really don't like selling the Azera with the 3.3 in it. I mean...what they ask for in price, one could get a fully loaded Sonata, get more options, same engine and be better off in terms of resale value (fully loaded Sonata vs. base model Azera).
  • bollingenbollingen Member Posts: 3
    I purchased a 2009 Azera with the ultimate package and I drove the car for a week thinking the mirrors tilted down when the car is placed in reverse or so I thought. I took the car to the dealer to have them fix the shade for the rear window. I told them also that my mirrors no longer tilt down. When I picked the car up from the service department they told me the 2009 Azera does not have a tilt dowm mirror function. I have heard otherwise from other people that the mirror function was on the ultimate package only. Since the car is so new I have not been able to find another car with the ultimate package. Anybody know?

  • bayonetbayonet Member Posts: 8
    Hello Members:

    I am the proud owner of a 2009 Azera. After reading many of your comments on this blog (and others) - conducting my own research and a few test drives - I am confident that I made an informed (hopefully smart as well) choice of a full size luxury sedan. The changes to the interior - two tone color scheme - blue lighting darker wood - more use of chrome trim, make the car even more luxurious than previous models.

    I will keep you posted on how it performs! : :)
  • bayonetbayonet Member Posts: 8
    Congratulations Bollingen!

    I just posted my message of becoming a New 2009 Azera owner and noticed your at the same time. I have the Ultimate Package. In reading thowners manual last nite - I too saw the feature regarding exterior mirrors tilting down whenever you move the shift lever to reverse. I have not tested this as yet but will let you know if it is an active feature.

    The manual did say that the control button for the exterior mrrors must be in the center position for this to work. How do you like the 09?

  • cdmuilecdmuile Member Posts: 152
    No, the mirrors have never tilted down on US models. This was discussed on the forums in early '06. You would think by now Hyundai would have corrected the owners manual. I guess not. You both have purchased really great cars. I've surprised many a Beemer 5 owners at the stoplight. Enjoy!!
  • bollingenbollingen Member Posts: 3
    My original choice was to purchase the Genesis but the dealers would not budge from sticker so I seen the Azera on the show room floor and and the dealer gave me a great price. I really like the car and the it has greatly improved from earlier models. I owned two XG350's and got used to tilting mirrors.

  • tonycdtonycd Member Posts: 223
    Welcome, Bayonet. Sounds like you got a sweet car!

    Tell us what colors you chose, and feel free to post pictures -- there's been a lot of discussion here about the interior changes in particular.

    Finally, let us know anything you observe about the ride, handling and suspension behavior, since that's said to be the most important area of potential improvement for '09.

    Enjoy your new ride!
  • bollingenbollingen Member Posts: 3

    Have you checked the your car to see if the mirrors tilt down when in reverse?
    If they don't, that will be disapointing, I really like that feature.

    The car I bought stickered for 31,465 and I got it for 27,400. Of course, I paid too much for the GPS I bought seperately form the dealer. Should have known better but, it was only $90 over priced.

  • ratledgeratledge Member Posts: 233
    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but - as far as I know no "made for the US" Azera has this feature. If you read the fine print in the owners' manual it says "if so equipped". American cars are not. ;)
  • bayonetbayonet Member Posts: 8
    Hi Tony,

    I purchased the Limited with the Silk Beige Metallic Exterior and the Beige Interior. I also thought about the Crimson Red but the Beige really is a rick looking color!

    I will post photos later tonite.

  • bayonetbayonet Member Posts: 8
    Hi Tony

    Here is a link to photos of my Azera:

    I tried to capture the blue lighting of the interior - not sure how well these photos will appear.

  • tonycdtonycd Member Posts: 223
    Sharp. Very sharp.

    I especially like the high resolution of that radio display.

    I'm officially jealous. Enjoy!
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    I got to peek inside a '09 Azera this past Friday. Can't say I'm wild about the chrome accents, I like them better as silver, but....I do like the way they finally matched the lighting with the climate control and radio with the rest of the gauges.
  • alymacalymac Member Posts: 31
    Hi Azera owners,
    Have any of you dropped your Azera to close the fender gap..modest drop? Seoulfulracing offers both lowering springs and coilovers by SMA. Has anybody
    purchased either of these items? And if so what is your opinion. I have be told
    that one can change from springs and struts/shocks to coilovers..Any comment on this?
    Appreciate your thoughts on this subject
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    alymac...if you look on, you'll see a few of them on there that have dropped the suspension. It really looks nice too.

    opirusXG's CarDomain Page

    ELNINORUDO's CarDomain Page

    martianiv's CarDomain Page
  • budhbudh Member Posts: 109
    For an invoice price of $1,365, is the Ultimate package (with no navigation unit) really worth getting in the 2009 Limited Azera?

    605-watt Infinity Logic 7 surround sound audio system
    Power tilt-and-telescopic steering wheel
    Power-adjustable foot pedals
    Integrated memory system
    Rain-sensing windshield wipers
    Woodgrain-trimmed steering wheel and door pulls
    Premium door sill scuff plates

    For someone that doesn’t need an Grade A stereo system and will be the one driving the car all the time, it seems many of those items above wouldn’t matter much to me.

    Can someone give me a convincing argument to get the Ultimate package on the Limited Azera? (OK, maybe that it might be difficult to even FIND a 2009 Limited Azera with no option packages!)

    Bud H
  • hjc1hjc1 Member Posts: 183
    Nope..... Using your parameters I wouldn't get the package. However I have this package and love it. (and so does my wife)
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Member Posts: 576
    I have a 2007 with it and it was the best decision I made. I drive my car 95% of the time, but when I take it in for servicing or to the car wash, the memory is great. Also, anytime the mirrors get bumped or I fold them in, it gets them back where I want them. The rain sensing wipers are much more useable than I originally thought (when it rains). Even with several intermittent settings on my previous cars, I would have to keep adjusting the settings.
    Even though I am short, I like to sit back from the instrument panel and the adjustable pedals allow me to do that. The power tilt and telescope gives you a lot more variation in where to place the steering wheel.
    Of course, it is a decision for you to make.
    Enjoy it.
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Member Posts: 576
    Mirrors do not tilt down in USA, at least up through 2007 model. However, if you have memory, you can tilt the mirrors down and then hit memory to reset them. Probably would not want to do it very often, but I have used it when backing into a parking space.
  • budhbudh Member Posts: 109
    So with all the discussion on the suspension issues and too soft springs problems the last few years in the Azera, does anyone know if the issue has been corrected in the 2009 version?

    Bud H
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