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2009 Audi TTS

cruiserhead1cruiserhead1 Member Posts: 3
edited April 2014 in Audi
Why do auto journalists keep saying the same thing over and over again?
Every new iteration of the TT, they say "it was all style but now it has performance to match."
I read that when the 225 came out, then the 3.2, then the new generation and now the TTS... all the same reviews. The best platform was probably the gen 1 225 quattro- the aftermarket brought out the capability of that engine and suspension.

How about this one:
It's a sporty car that is high on style. Not the innovative looker it was at introduction but typical Audi beauty. It is stylish but not the performer it could be.

Audi knows how to make a beautiful, aggressive sportscar. The R8 proves that.

When Audi brings a "TT-R" to market, then start comparing it to the Cayman or 911.
Right now, the TT is a sportscar in the vein of the A4 or S4. We are still waiting for the RS4 version...


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    mikeebearmikeebear Member Posts: 13
    Edmunds writers, I generally love you guys, but since when does a Cayman have a "3.0 liter horizontally opposed six"?

    And if you're too lazy to look it up, it has a 2.7L engine while the S gets a 3.4L flat-six.
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    cruiserhead1cruiserhead1 Member Posts: 3
    horizontally opposed six DOES mean flat-six and they made a typo on 3.0, big deal!
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    mikeebearmikeebear Member Posts: 13
    Thanks for the information on flat sixes and "horizontally opposed". I didn't know that they were the same.

    Actually, I did, I'm just being facetious. That's why I used the terms interchangeably....

    They didn't make a typo on the 3.0 (which is the part I highlighted for a reason), they just got it wrong. I simply want them to fix it! :)
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    ArroyojonArroyojon Member Posts: 1

    I am considering an Audi TT roadster as an everyday car. Kids are grown up and I want something fun! I am 6' 8" tall and fit into the TT convertible at the dealer, but I am wondering whether any tall drivers have comments from extended experience. I am also considering a Mercedes SLK which I fit into, but again, don't have extended miles under my belt!

    I would appreciate comments from TALL drivers as to the comfort on long drives, using daily, etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    rjlaerorjlaero Member Posts: 659
    I'm almost 6 -4 and have plenty of headroom in the TT. the roofline is quite high in the TTs

    08 and 09 new body stlye are longer and you can get your seat back pretty far. Audi and the german cars are most geneous in the headroom and legroom department.
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    6ferrets6ferrets Member Posts: 1
    I have an older TT coupe and am of normal height (6') but with size 14 feet. The pedals are a bit cramped with my feet. I tried a new 09 and found more legroom, but still tight pedals.

    A friend is very tall - 6'7 with a 40" inseam. She can wedge into the passenger seat in my TT, but it is impossible for her to get behind the wheel. Of course her proportion is mostly leg.

    There are visibility issues in a TT and you should definitely try one for an extended period (at least an hour) and mix up the driving.

    good luck
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    mulligan101mulligan101 Member Posts: 12
    I drove a TTS yesterday and was quite impressed by the car. After a brief lag, the power comes on in a rush and the car is extremely quick. Even in the sport setting, the ride is fine unless the road surface is quite poor. The dual clutch auto shifts very quickly and smoothly. I am 6'2" with long legs and there was plenty of room. I was also surprised by the decent sight lines out the right rear corner of the car. The only downside to the ride was that I could not come close to exploring the limits on public roads.
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    plan_manplan_man Member Posts: 97
    '09 TTS, Prestige pkg., Brilliant Red, Magma/Black interior, twin 7-spoke 19" wheels.
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