Jeep Cherokee diesel oil change

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Does anybody know how to change the oil in Grand Cherokee Diesel 2007 and what oil and filter are best. Thank you for advice.


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    does this vehicle come with a transmission cooler when it is orderd with the tow package? how do you check/ change the fluid ?
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    Hey guy,

    I'm using the Elf Solaris LSX 5W-30 (from France) which meets both the MB and ACEA specs listed/required for the engine. I use the Mann Filter HU821x filter (made in Gemany), which is a MB-approved part replacement for the MB filter you'll see at both MB and Jeep stealerships, but at like 1/3rd the cost!! The dealerships are freakin' incredible for what they ask for these parts...oh well.

    The manual says to change it every 12,500 miles normal use; I'm just coming up on 25000 and time for a change. It will actually be my 3rd (not 2nd) because I decided to do it that way (at 7k, 15k, and now at 25k miles...). Will be per the book from now on. In this last 10k miles I've added about 1/4 of a bottle is all, it's been great oil (the Elf Solaris).

    I don't know what is 'best'; if you look at the filter it's really, really basic - so no issues there. Elf makes some outstanding oil for many, many purposes to include modern turbo and diesel spec'd engines for sometime. I'm sticking with that. You have to remember these are highly spec'd synthetic oils to meet turbo, diesel (for the new low-sulphur fuel; and the new clean diesel exhaust clean-up systems) and the high mileage requirements. Older, non-spec'd oils just won't get it - unless maybe you change them far more often but I would be very careful.

    That's all I know; uh, I do take my rig to a private garage for changes, etc - not to the dealership, but keep my receipts for warranty purposes... Have a good one, later.
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    Hi sahara 11, you talking nicely about oil and filter for Jeep Cherokee diesel, but could you told me where this filter is, please.Exactly location on engine.
    Thank you
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    does anyone know the location of the oil filter for the 2008 diesel?
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    Oil filter is on the top of the engine.When you open the hood you see cup on right hand side.You can not see filter just the cup. Filter is inside. It does not look like regular filter.
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    This site does not showing how to change oil in Jeep Diesel engine. But thanks for replay anyway.
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    thanks for the location of the filter. i take it that the cup unscrews and there is a element inside that is replaced.nice to have it on top. does it leak much when the cup is removed?
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    I do not understand. What do you mean by that? Does it leak much when the cup is removed? There is some oil in the filter, but you can protected engine from splashing using cloth or paper towel.
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    has anyone installed an oil bypass filtter on a crd gc yet? just ordered one and was wondering if anybody has done it yet.
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    I notice in the GC "Owners Manual" for "2009" that includes the 2008.5 diesel (a 2008.5 diesel is a 2009 GC that has the emission certified diesel for 2008 and is VIN'd 2008, last ones built were Dec.2008) that the A and B oil change schedule is gone, now says oil change for the diesel is 12,500 or 20,000 k/m or 12 months whatever comes first (page 478), and you are not to go past this. Any thoughts?
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    Would like to know if anyone has has a recent oil change using the synthetic oil. My wife took our Jeep in for the first oil change and I checked the oil level and it was OK but the oil looked dirty. Do you know what the synthetic oil should look like? We plan on following the maintenance schedule and will look at changing the oil again in 12,000 miles. So far we have been happy with the Jeep except for the highway MPG is around 23MPG.
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