Lowering an F-250 4x4

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A friend told me that when he bought his F-250 4x4 a year ago, it was too tall, so he had the dealer he bought it from in Oregon lower it from 4x4 height to 4x2 height -- a difference of about 3 inches. I have just started to order a new F-250 4x4, and after measuring my garage door height, I realize the truck is about three inches too tall to fit through the door. So I have asked the Ford dealer to order it lowered, or to lower it for me when it arrives. The salesman told me he has never done anything like this, has no idea how to go about it. He said as far as he knows, it can't be ordered from Ford this way, and the local dealership has never done anything like this. Can anyone help me out on this? I tried driving my friend's 4x4 F-250 into the garage, and it just fits. I would hate to have to enolarge my garage door; it's a big and expensive undertaking. Is this lowering something I'm just going to have to find someone privately to do after I take delivery? And who would I go to to do it. Is it an expensive modification? Thanks for the help.


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    I'd just park it in the driveway. The wear and tear on all your driveline parts as a result of the lowering process wouldn't be worth it to me. Have fun.
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    My F250 4x4 with heavy duty suspension which puts it up a little higher goes under a 7 foot opening by a couple of inches. I was out measuring daily wandering if it was gong to fit when it arrived. Course mine was is a CrewCab too so I had to move everything from in front too. It seems it would be cheeper to cut the door abit then to lower the truck. Or you could buy an F150.
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    It can be done, but is awful expensive and alot of work. Actually, lifting the truck is easier.I know that isn't what you want to hear.
    The problem with lowering is the drivetrain is set fairly close to minimum heighth as it is.
    Lowering may involve driveline shortening and such.
    Anyway,if that is what you really want to do and you still want to go to the expense;
    If you look thru the yellow pages, an automotive spring shop can make the springs you need to install.Once they are installed, you will need to check the driveline travel to make sure that the driveline is not coming up to the end of its collapsed travel(when the truck is bouncing or loaded),also, the shocks may have to be replaced for the same reason.
    Best bet is to contact Rancho Suspensions or Superlift suspensions,they may be able to help you out better. Personally, I would redo the garage doors,the suspension kit will run you around $1500 - up. But then again, I have 8' doors and my truck won't fit. LOL!
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    were a little taller in the BACK. Not sure about 3" though. Ford did put different blocks for the rear leaf springs to lower it at customers request. Pretty sure the new ones are already set up that way. As for the front I don't think they have blocks( I raised mine 4" so I don't remember) but if it did have blocks between the axle and spring you could do the same thing as the back. 3" does seem like a lot though.

    On a side note part of the Super Duty persona is the tough stance and overall beefy look. Lowering it would make it look wimpy IMHO!!!
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