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Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 vs. Nissan GT-R

proeproe Member Posts: 157
edited May 2014 in Chevrolet
I still think GT-R is superior car of the two.

1. Auto against Manual,
2, V6 vs V8. GT-R is 153 hp and 177 lb-ft of torque down.
However, GT-R's max Torque, lb-ft @ rpm is 4305 @ 4,200 :surprise: I know it is a typo. :D

The result (ZR1 vs GT-R):
0-60 mph acceleration, sec. 3.8 3.8
Quarter-mile acceleration, sec. 11.5 11.8
Quarter-mile speed, mph 128.3 118.6

GT-R is the ultimate supercar that fulfill its promise of "Anyone, Anytime and Anywhere." Period. Of course, until Spec-V comes out.


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    desmoliciousdesmolicious Member Posts: 671
    Yes the Nissan is definitely the superior car ignoring that the Vette beats it in all but one performance category (tied for 0-60), is faster around the race track, and is quieter and smoother running on public roads.

    I do think that the Vette's motor is rated too high. They claim 638hp, but 505 at the tyres is almost a 20% loss. For the 638 rating to be real, it should be putting out about 550 at the tyres.
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    mikeebearmikeebear Member Posts: 13
    Good article, but I think the final statement of "there's nothing you can buy that will touch [the ZR-1]" is a bit bold. If he wrote "nothing under $X", that would be very accurate, but there are plenty of cars available that can at least "touch" it and probably crush it.

    Sure, those cars cost astronomical amounts of money, but the writer did not include a dollar amount in his statement. Sorry, but that statement is FALSE.
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    fedlawmanfedlawman Member Posts: 3,118
    " For the 638 rating to be real, it should be putting out about 550 at the tyres."

    I think 550 whp (13.8% driveline loss) is a bit optimistic. Considering the output at the shaft (and the required beefiness of the driveline components), I think 505 whp is more realistic.
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    spike9011spike9011 Member Posts: 1
    Yes, the GT-R looks like a robot, but what do you expect from a bargain super car? It may be quick, but it's really ugly. The ZR-1 may have a six-figure price tag, but the it can justified by it's performance and looks. The ZR-1 is for hardcore drivers and the GT-R is for boy racers. It may have the technology, but it doesn't have the soul of the R34. 7 years of engineering and they built a robot instead of a car.
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    bigmclargehugebigmclargehuge Member Posts: 377
    The ZR-1 is for hardcore drivers and the GT-R is for boy racers.

    There's fancy electronics in the ZR1's chassis. The stability controls do a silky smooth job of containing your goof-ups, and if you drive properly they'll let you use pretty much the car's full scope.


    I don't think its as clear-cut as you pretend it is. I'm not knocking the ZR1's speed, just saying that its one of many new supercars that 'help' the driver. Most are 'robotic' on some level. Perhaps the ZR1 lacks the AWD and the DCG, but it is not devoid of driver aids the way the Viper ACR is.

    And before someone says 'well you can turn them all off in the ZR1'... you can turn off the same things on the GT-R.

    I don't think any 'boy racers' will be able to afford either of these cars. More than likely a person that can afford one can afford both, and just has a taste for multiple styles of car.

    Its amazing how fast the ZR1 does compared to cars that are meant to be fast that cost 2, 4, 6 times as much. That is very true. Its a great value.

    Its just as amazing how well the GT-R does being priced like a Z06. Also consider this:

    the grip from the Bridgestone Potenza RE070s is considerable.

    Apparently, the Dunlop SP Sport 600 DSSTs that come as an option on the GT-R are the faster tire. So you could be using OEM equipment and have slightly better braking, acceleration, slalom, and track speeds. Making this race yet closer. Is it an easy victory for either car? Nope. Just driver preference, IMO.
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    lt1boylt1boy Member Posts: 1
    First, I want to say that I don't favor the ZR1 or the GT-R. I love both cars equally. But after reading this article, I couldn't help but feel how much of an unfair match up this really was.

    I mean, the GT-R costs about $80k, while the ZR1 costs about $120k. That's a $40k price difference between the two. Comparing these two cars to each other would be just as fair as comparing the $80k GT-R to a $40k base Corvette, and if you did that, the winner would be clearly obvious.

    A better comparison would have been between the GT-R and the Z06 (a match up that I'm still waiting for Inside Line to do) since they both have similar price tags and similar horsepower ratings. Or better yet, a showdown between the ZR1 and the Dodge Viper ACR would have been just as well, seeing as how the price tags/horsepower ratings are similar again.

    Before I even started reading this article, I already knew that the ZR-1 would have been the obvious winner. Sure, it's the faster car out of these two, but it's also the more expensive one, and it has about 160 more rated horsepower than the GT-R (and did anyone else notice that it only had about 100 actual whp more?), so it SHOULD be the faster one. But seeing as how it's only slightly faster on the racetrack (1 second difference) it makes you wonder which car is actually the better engineered one.

    Inside Line should compare the $120k ZR-1 to the $1.5 million Bugatti Veyron next, since price doesn't seem to be an issue with them.
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    bigmclargehugebigmclargehuge Member Posts: 377
    Where is the ZR1 vs. ACR matchup anyway? That really is the only one that matters, IMO.

    The GT-R gets to go up against ACR and ZR1 separately, which lt1boy already pointed out were foregone conclusions due to the price and HP differences. Barely interesting reading.

    But the one comparison that is NOT a foregone conclusion, nowhere in sight.
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    langjielangjie Member Posts: 250
    I agree that a price that's 1.5 times that of the other is a bit of a stretch. considering the gt-r in the current form is not going to be it's most potent (v-spec is coming), it doesn't make too much sense to match it up against the cream of the crop zr-1. when the v-spec comes out, it'll be a much better matchup, price wise, equipment wise, power wise
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    ace47ace47 Member Posts: 6
    I also don't think its fair but I find the the fact that the GT-R can keep up with the ZR1 up to 100mph particularly satisfying. And thats with a lot more weight and an interior that seats four.

    I know there is no better horsepower competitor than the ZR1 for the money but I also find the shoddy interior unacceptable in a car costing over 100grand not to mention it looks like every other Vette. Most people buying 100k cars want exclusive looks. The steering also seems to be a concern, more so than the GT-Rs harsh ride.

    Overall I think the GT-R has a better value for the money unless of course you are thinking about doing 205miles. Regardless, I doubt any of these two cars devoted followers would switch over to the other side. :)
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    skeldskeld Member Posts: 2
    Also I would like to add that I'm skeptical of the ZR-1's dyno rating. Something is not right there. They wouldn't over-rate the car by that much, and Corvette's are actually known for extremely low drivetrain loss. Like 11 or 12% compared to the average 15% or even worse for something with AWD.

    Whatever. The other thing worth noting is grab some Drag Radials and learn to drive and the ZR-1 will be in the 10's easily. People have run in the 10's with stock Z06's with DR's, so the ZR-1 will do it easily. It's all about the power to weight.
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    iamddniamddn Member Posts: 1
    If you go out and try to buy that GT-R, you will not find it for less than $100K, so the comparison is not really far off.
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    bigmclargehugebigmclargehuge Member Posts: 377
    If you go out and try to buy that GT-R, you will not find it for less than $100K, so the comparison is not really far off.

    Not true. You could buy half a dozen on ebay right now for $85K. I don't think anyone is still paying $100K with markup, not even for a premium package. They were up to $105K for a very brief period, but the price is indeed coming down.

    If 'what you can get it for' instead of MSRP is what you're going off, its actually not even remotely close. Try getting a ZR1 for under $145K with markup.

    The ZR1 is currently almost 2x as expensive.

    And ebay is a perfectly legitimate way to test this, because dealers put specialty vehicles up there with a Buy-It-Now price equal to what they would charge on the showroom.
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    nickdagonickdago Member Posts: 4
    I agree the GT-R is an ugly car for 85K. You would think they could come up with a more impressive design for that kind of money. Also, I have been seeing numerous GT-R owners talking about all the trouble they are having with the transmissions blowing up. According to these owners they are going to the dealers only to find out that since they put their cars in competitive mode that it cancelled their warranty and that the transmission repair costs are in the 20k range, what a joke. You spend 85k on a sports car only to find out that you can not really drive it the way you would really want to. I will take the Corvette over the GT-R any day. Even the guys on Top Gear (who usually hate everything American) loved the ZR-1, and the Cadillac CTS-V (same engine) and could not say enough good things about the cars. Gm is definitely moving in the right direction.
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    bigmclargehugebigmclargehuge Member Posts: 377
    Gee, that sounds about as bad as GM having a bulletin out about transmission noises.

    They are not required to fix transmissions with "marbles in a coffee can" noises with the 6AT. Their bulletin supercedes any Lemon Law, and GM doesn't have to fix it or pay out.

    headstone, "Chevrolet Corvette Transmission Issues" #59, 11 Mar 2008 2:52 pm

    Though with the Corvette, the problems just start at random, without any abuse. With the GT-R you can at least expect it to work if you are respectful to the car.

    No, that doesn't make the GT-R better/worse. The key is to buy what you like. Just take into account that Nissan isn't doing anything different than any of our other favorite automakers.
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    ace47ace47 Member Posts: 6
    What happened to taste being subjective? It may surprise you but there are few people outside of the US who actually care about a 115K Vette that looks like every other Vette with a few minor differences that few people can spot. The GT-R is a world wide phenonem(exagerating a little) that everyone knows. There are also lots of people who would rather have a dual clutch transmission in a 85K car than a manual trannsmission in a 115K Vette. You'll notice that nearly all the wothwhile supercars have paddleshift transmissions, with the Vettes being the exception. The purists card is also getting old from people trying to justify their favourite brands being manuals over others being manumatic in nature. The Vettes interior is also ultra cheap for a 115K car.

    And how many tries did the testers need to get the ZR1 of the line properly? A GT-R would be long gone before the average driver can gain enough traction. Unintentional burnouts are not the characteristics of performance oriented car. The torque should not be an excuse.
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    dcamerydcamery Member Posts: 1
    Hideous, Tasteless? These guys sound like europeans. I guess they were actually talking about the Nisan. :)
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    yellowvetteyellowvette Member Posts: 25
    Is this the long lost Sprint(commercial) guy or what? Dual clutch, should only need 1 to get the job done. Paddle shift in the Vette, someone needs to do their homework!! Sounds like someone tryed to grow up on a bicycle with a vr'room motor on it.
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    rf600rrf600r Member Posts: 3
    Nothing quite says "I'm the ultimate Japanese fan-boy" like buying the hideous GT-R. I'm not crazy about the clear window in the ZR-1 hood that overlooks a plastic engine cover, but otherwise the ZR-1 is pretty OMG. At least they got the winner right in this test, despite the nonsense about the chrome wheels being hideous. Sometimes even Edmunds rises about their anti-domestic bias.
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    a_will_toa_will_to Member Posts: 1
    the zr1 is a awesome machine, although that steering wheel is like a pimple on a supermodel....i could still make it work, and the gtr a nice peice of macine too. it looks like it would lead a rebellion in terminator rise of the machines
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    revmattrevmatt Member Posts: 14
    I own a 2007 Z06 and OWNED :sick: (past tense) the disappointing GT-R. The all wheel drive eliminates much of the joy of driving. The "goin' four-wheelin' " feel of the GT-R becomes more bothersome the longer you drive it. AND the warranty is voided the first time you use the GT-Rs launch control. It feels like a space age tank that wants to be put on a diet, lowered and driven hard. BUT you are not allowed to do so! After six months of ownership, I had a "friend" eliminate records of launch control use from the balck box and sold it. The GT-R has some great conceptual ideas but misses the mark. I will stick with my outdated RWD true American sports car. I wish I could afford a ZR1... the Z06 will due for now. Do not bye the hype. The GT-R is not all it is cracked up to be. My Z06 is now 505 RWHP with just a tune and K&N CAI kit! And I can drive as hard as I like and KEEP the warranty in place! :shades:
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    revmattrevmatt Member Posts: 14
    But one (GT-R) and read the owners manual!
    If you use the launch mode, it voids the warranty!
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    bigmclargehugebigmclargehuge Member Posts: 377
    What you said is NOT what the manual says, or ever did say. You're regurgitating internet rumors.

    It says damage incurred by turning off the VDC will be at owner's cost. That is nothing close to permanently 'voiding' a warranty.

    Using the word 'void' means you were never an owner. This would have been explained to you.

    You can launch any 2010 or reprogrammed 2009 GT-R as many times as you want, warranty intact in VDC-R mode.

    ANY GT-R owner would have picked up on this bit of info, since Nissan contacted ALL owners with the updated software patch, and REQUIRED that it be installed in the ECU and TCM at the next service.

    They started this recall back in late 2008. It is fixed.
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    bigmclargehugebigmclargehuge Member Posts: 377
    They announced in 2008 that updates would start in February.


    Nissan North America’s campaign to update willing GT-R owner’s ECUs with the new 2010 firmware has already begun with one enthusiast, Matt “MC” from the North American GT-R Owners Club (NAGTROC), already taking them up on the offer. In the name of science he’s volunteered to have his GT-R go under the knife (so to speak) for the update and report back on the changes.

    Matt’s report on the changes has demystified the workings in terms of the much rumoured launch control functions. First up the launch control is not gone, but it is modified. It is no longer a launch from 4,500rpm and it no longer requires the VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) to be disengaged to function. That’s right the new launch control functions with VDC ON. It even functions with the gearbox in automatic mode.

    So how does it work, you hold the brake on and floor the accelerator. The car revs to 3,000rpm and holds it there. Release the brake and off you go.

    Matt has already tested this with a passenger in the car in manual mode and it’s good for 3.8’s 0-60mph times. Without a passenger, in auto mode or on a better surface perhaps it’s good for 3.7 seconds or faster. More testing is required.

    The prime issue Nissan seemed to have with the launch control in the 2009 GT-R was the fact that to do it VDC had to be turned off, something the owners manual forbade. Now the launch is much more gentle but the effect is reported to be 80% as potent.

    So if guys were hitting 11.6 second quarter mile ETs without launch control before the change, it will be interesting to see what they hit with this revised VDC ON version of the launch control.

    Translated, Nissan has a fully warrantable LC feature.
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    bigmclargehugebigmclargehuge Member Posts: 377
    This is the actual text from the letter that they make buyers sign.

    Repairs for damage caused by driving with VDC OFF are expressly excluded under the terms of the Nissan GT-R New Car Limited Warranty. To avoid risk for such repairs, you are reminded to drive with VDC ON at all times. Except when stuck, there is no reason to be driving with VDC OFF.

    This says nothing about 'void' It says the owner drives with VDC-off at their own risk.

    The only thing that can void a warranty is tampering with the ECU, which you said "I had a "friend" eliminate records of launch control use from the balck box and sold it."

    If you were an owner, you would have known that was a big no-no. Everything you say about this car is backwards.
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    mausepulvedamausepulveda Member Posts: 1
    Ok, the GT-R might not be as good looking as the ZR-1 or as fast, but at least it doesn't have cheap looking interior :lemon: as the ZR-1 and is less of a hassle when it comes to handling :P .
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    jsh3fanjsh3fan Member Posts: 1
    I'am pretty impressed with the power the nissan puts out, But I'm gonna half to give the credit to the vette, maybe if nissan could add 2 more cylinders they might have themselves a winner. I guess I'm a little partial to the bowtie guys
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    fedlawmanfedlawman Member Posts: 3,118

    Looks like a nice interior to me...
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    bigmclargehugebigmclargehuge Member Posts: 377
    For what purpose would they need 2 more cylinders?

    Mizuno has clearly stated he wants to keep tweaking the handling to see how fast
    he can get a 485hp chassis to go.

    And it appears they already have themselves a winner with only suspension and
    rubber updates.

    Autobild tests 2010 GT-R equipped with Dunlop SP Sport 600 (premium package tires) defeats ZR1 on Contidrom test track (Germany).

    And the testers subjectively preferred the ZR1's driving dynamics. If anything,
    they were biased towards the Vette.
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