Location of electric fan relay?

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My wife has a 2000 GC with a 4.0, and the fan works great! when "Bench testing" it, I have narrowed it down to the fan relay, however, I can't find it....(without tearing the wiring harness apart). The wires head toward the passenger side of the vehicle, and join a larger part of the wiring harness.
Thanks Dano!!


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    i think that is the one under the head light on the right side of jeep (search fan relay replacement on forum should get to link on how to replace it
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    That is the secret. The fan relay is located under the passenger headlight. i just replaced mine . Problem solved. The trick is you must remove the headlight then cut about a 3 inch round hole in the shroud under the light to access the relay. The engineers strike again.Just use a hole saw and you can leave the hole open after finished.If you need more info contact me.
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    I tried "pulling" the headlight assembly to change a parking bulb but I was not able to do it. I removed the long set screw and pulled with no success. Is there a trick to this?
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    ya it comes out hard if you have not removed it for a while can try and pry it out (has 3 long snap in studs that hold it in) gus be carefull not to brake headlight assmbly as cost bout 250 to replace (look up headlight assmbly for 2000 jeep on ebay should be ablle to see what holds it in in there pict)
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