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Mitsubishi Eclipse - 2005 and earlier

pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
edited December 2013 in Mitsubishi
Here is the new place to discuss the Mitsubishi Eclipse 2-door hatchback (GS, GT, and/or RS). Thanks for your participation.

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  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    Edmunds' Reviews of the 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse and 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

    Thanks for your comments.

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  • red99gstred99gst Posts: 1
    First off I love this car (99 GST). Great power, etc. Your not going to find a better performing car for this kind of money. I got mine for $16000 with 24000 miles on it only a year and half old. I know not every one will get such a sweet price, but it should be relativly close.

    But for as long as I've owned it, it has been rather loud at idle. I know it might just be the lower compresion of the 2.0L Turbo engine @8.5, but I haven't listened to other Turbo owners' motors. I've recently owned (within the last year) a 97 Celica and a 94 300ZX, and neither of these cars that were olded and had more miles on them were as noisy. It doesn't sound like somethings banging around or anything, and the motor revs flawlessly all the to redline @ 7000. It's just that I can stand at least 25 feet away and still hear my car running. Maybe it just needs it'd 30K mile service (I'm at 27800 now). Any suggestions or is this normal?
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    Thanks for your input. If you don't get a response to your question in the nest day or two, you should try posting your message on our Maintenance and Repair Board. In addition, there's an Eclipse Engine upgrade discussion on our Accessories & Aftermarket board where you might find some helpful information about your engine idling....

    Good luck and please keep us posted... on what you find out. We look forward to hearing more about your Eclipse ownership experience. ;-)

    Hatchbacks Message Board
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    Our cars are definitely not the quietest on the road. Unfortunately their not the best "quaility" manufactured cars either. Mitsubishi is known for putting out buggy products, hence their shaky reputation for reliability.

    I have the same drive drivetrain as you do and my car is'nt too quiet either. My engine ticks (lifters), valves sound like there chattering. (Probably just need adjusting)

    My advice to you is...find another talon or eclipse "turbo" out there and check if its just as loud as yours. Don't compare to a none turbo model, these cars have dodge neon engines in them that have nothing in common with the 4g63 4cyl turbo.

    This will at least give you the peace of mind knowing its not just "your" car.
  • coreyuscoreyus Posts: 2
    I just got a 2001 GT and we totally love it! Every option (including - brushed aluminum fuel door). It has 550 miles on it now - so far so great!. Before this - I have a "92 Talon AWD TSI - I traded that in with 49k miles on it - that too was a total gem. I figured it was time to upgrade - and wow are we glad we did. We were looking at going with the Audi TT AWD for 43k. When we looked at the GT and compared the "value" for the dollar - for 20k less and 0.9% for 5 years - it was a "no brainer". FOr those of you considering a new Eclipse - go for it! And make sure you get the GT. Does anyone know a site for after market parts and MOD ideas for the 2001's?
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    "Does anyone know a site for after market parts and MOD ideas for the 2001's?"

    You may want to check out this Sports Cars Message Board discussion: Bolt-On Mods...More Horses or More Bull? Good luck.

    We look forwarding to hearing more about your ownership experience. ;-)

    Hatchbacks Message Board

  • cjcpjkcjcpjk Posts: 1
    Anyone know the 0-60 times for a 2001 Eclipse GS 5 speed?
  • I remember reading somewhere that it's 6.8 for the GT...
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    A GS 5sp will probably be between the 8-9 second range. The GT 5sp I've seen between 6.8-7.1 seconds.
  • tiffanittiffanit Posts: 1
    I was wondering if anyone out there knows if you can use snow chains/cables on the 2000 Eclipse? The owner's manual says that you should not use chains because it may damage the car. Has anyone out there used snow chains/cables on the Eclipse, and if so, did it damage the car?
  • I am looking at buying a new car in the next month and want to kow what people think of this car, if they own a 2000 or 2001. My primary concerns are reliability, performance, and handling.
  • I have had my silver loaded GT now for 4 months. No problems, I also have a 90 Plymoth Laser (11 years)had many problems. I paid $26K for the new one $36K after loan value added in ($620 a month). I love the new sound of the engine. No rattles or noises and I am picky. The dealer is fantastic in support (for the Laser thats why I went back for a new one). The 2001 top end after the 3500 mile break in is about 120 mph (the Laser with 127,000 miles will still do 135 mph with turbo its quicker). Can't beat the handling on lake roads. I haven't made it slide yet and I have tried. The anti-lock brakes saved a crash last week, but it sounded like I was sliding on gravel. The owners manual said it should sound that way. As long as they worked is all that counts. I got the car with no down payment, no interest, no payments for the first year. The trick is to pay it off in one year.
  • redeclipseredeclipse Posts: 2
    I have had a "95 eclipse, automatic. My problem began when I was driving, suddenly my engine died. I took my car a workshop, and I got a wire and connection to ECM repaired. Later my car give another problem. Every time I drive my car in a trafic jam, I know that I am in trouble. I hit the brake and the car was running slowly. My idle was getting lower and lower and the engine died. I must have put my transmission in neutral position, otherwise my engine died. I would like to ask to anybody about this problem and how to solve it. I went to three workshop. All of the couldn't find the problem.
    Thank you so much.
  • perucyperucy Posts: 2
  • perucyperucy Posts: 2
    Has anyone heard anything about a recall in the se Eclipses due to transmission problems? My friend recieved aletter in the mail (he has a Gallant) stating this, but I haven't heard anything yet and my transmission just went (though I did have 129,000 miles on the car.)
    Please let me know
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    Try new spark plugs and wires. Maybe a fuel injection cleaning too. I've seen similar problems like this numerous times with these cars. It always ended up being the wires.
  • I am considering getting a new (actually used) car. It's a '98 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS. It has 31,123 miles on it and they are asking $14,680 for it. It has alot of accessories which I can email or post to anybody who wants them. What I really want to know: Is this a good deal? Does anybody recommend this or have any suggestions? Well thanks for your help. -mustang76cobra
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    Good deal? I would say no. If the car is fully loaded and is in exceptional condition, your still paying about market value at best.
    Try using edmunds used car value section to do an appraisol on the car.
    It'll give you an idea on what the cars worth.
  • I meant a '99 but would that change anything?
  • mweinbergmweinberg Posts: 1
    I am looking far a used car and am looking for some help. I am deciding between a 97 GS-T or a celica. Obviously, the performance aspects of the GS-T are superior, but I am concerned about reliability. I am a college student, and I cannot pay to repair a lot of big ticket items. I would love to have any comments.
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    Yes that would help. As long as the car is in excellent condition, fully loaded, its being sold by a "dealer" not private owner and your financing it. That would be a fair price now, in my opinion.
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    I bought a spyder gst new back in 98. I love the looks and peformance of this car and to this day still would'nt give it up for any other "sports coupe" on the market. Unfortunately...the trade does come in with reliablity. Some people have had good luck with their eclipse's..some have'nt though. The celica is obviously a more reliable vehicle.

    I can sense you have concerns about reliability. In that case I would recommend the celica.
    Or to rest assure with the eclipse, I would strongly advise purchasing an extended warranty which will give you the peace of mind if something ever does go wrong with the car, it come out of your pocket.

    Hope this helps..
  • redeclipseredeclipse Posts: 2
    I just want to thank you about your advice. I do appreciate that.
    I had my spark plugs and wires replaced. So far so good. I'm going to get my oxygen censor replaced. Now I'm very sure that I don't have to sell my car. Thank you again.
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    Your very welcome. Glad to see my advice actually come through...for a change :)
  • valfordvalford Posts: 1
    Looking at 94 Eclipse GS, 64,000 miles, appears to be good condition. What should I be looking for or at in this model? Any advice will be appreciated, such as performance, etc. Model is automatic. Not sure of engine size.
  • mitsugstmitsugst Posts: 41
    I have an ad in the paper, and in an online classifieds (free) for my Eclipse. The free classifieds reads:

    "FOR SALE : Fast and Furious Car: Turbo Eclipse

    '95 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST, the exact year, make, model, and trim line of the car in the movie, driven by Brian(Paul Walker). Red. 5-speed. Immaculate. One owner, well cared for, garaged, 105K miles. Fully loaded. Factory options include moonroof, spoiler, premium wheels, CD changer, keyless entry alarm. No modifications, all factory, ready for hotroding/ customization as needed. Selling for under book value, $8400 obo. Must sell. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100K mile maintenance done: A/C,timing,brakes,tires, water pump, battery. All Maintenance records kept. Many extras including a water-impermeable/breathable car-cover."

    What do you guys think? Too much info? Good price? Bad price? I did my price study by looking at other comparable Eclipse's,, and Edmunds TMV for used cars.

    I also have a tow hitch I used to tow a waverunner (I didn't include it because someone might think it's incapable and might hurt it, although it was authorized by you name it). It's the kind that you can take the end piece and ball of and be unnoticeable.

    I also have a nose mask. Again, people might think I kept it on all the time and ruined the pain. I actually only used it for trips to protect from rocks and bugs.

    Finally I also have a Chiltons repair manual (for easy replacement of the battery, spark plugs, and window adjustments), aftermarket wheels (I bought while the factory wheels where getting re-done due to warping), a Bazooka bass tube, and a K&N. The aftermarket wheels and Bazooka are not included in the price. I'll sell them only if the buyer is interested ($1000 and $300), since they both work well in my new car, and I have other potential buyers.

    Also, if anyone here is interested, I also know of an auto-transporter that does it guaranteed for under $400)

  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    "With the car's 2003 changes, the Eclipse should improve in our eyes, and sales will likely continue to be strong."


    Read the full story here: 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse, Brent Romans. And let us know what you think. Thanks for your comments. ;-)

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  • 759397759397 Posts: 79
    to this car. The old GSX & GS-T were great vehicles. Lots of potential but very respectable in their stock trim. The redesigned it and added a V6 and the performance actually declined from what I've seen. When the stock GS-T was running mid 6 secs to 60 this porker is running low to mid 7's with the V6. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    What were they thinking and will they fix it?
  • daryl_jdaryl_j Posts: 13
    I am looking at buying a 97 Spyder, white with 64k miles. The dealer wants $9998. think its a good deall? no abs. 5 spd. any comments?
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