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Land Rover LR4 vs Toyota Sequoia vs Audi Q7

kjshankjshan Posts: 5
edited August 2014 in Toyota
I am looking for a 7 passenger vehicle in the 50K range or below. I have a Volvo XC90 that has been no problem, but is also no fun. My kids are getting bigger, and the knees hitting me in the back while I drive is becoming a problem.

Looking for something that is larger for the middle row passengers, and handles better in the rain/snow.

Is the Sequoia too big? Seems pretty reliable. My last Toyota was an '83 Tercel, so I can't really speak to the current lineup.

I have an A6 which handles great in the snow, so that is what I like about the Q7, but the MMI is the dealbreaker. I have had 2 A6's where the MMI is broken and not covered under warranty. I use only the right side of the MMI now that works, and LOVE the QUATTRO!

I really like the cargo and smart interior design of the LR4, but am worried about reliability.

I am sure most would agree Volvo's are boring, but mine has been very low maintenance at 80K miles, so I keep it around.



  • dandrews1dandrews1 Posts: 184
    The Sequioa is a nice vehicle, but really large - if you're after that, then great... Out of the three it has the largest third row (as you know if you've taken a first-hand look at them). It is also the most plastic-y - if you're coming from an Audi, then you're not going to be impressed with interior trim... but the truck itself is great.

    For the Audi Q7, personally, I think it's a waste of steel... uglier than a troll. That being said, it's still an Audi, so you can expect the usual with your experience with it - if you can get past the looks!

    For the LR4, it's the most luxurious of the three. It is also the most capable in terms of traction - quattro is fine if you're power sliding around corners in the snow - like you can do in the A6, but don't expect to be doing that in an SUV... mostly you will need traction in straight line acceleration and braking - and you don't need Quattro for that... the LR4 has a great powertrain setup compared to the previous model... but it is a bit thirstier than the previous model.

    It all depends on what you really want to use it for most of the time.... I wouldn't want to put someone in the third row of the LR4 for long trips or on a regular basis - it has the best headroom and legroom, but it's somewhat uncomfortable compared to the Sequioa.. the Q7 is also uncomfortable.

    WRT reliability on the LR - I have had an LR3 and an LR4 - The LR4 has worked out all the kins from a new design (much the same way the Disco 2 was much more reliable than the Disco 1).

    In four months with my LR4, I have not had to go back to the dealer a single time - when I had the LR3, I had been back to the dealer six times in four months.

    wrt comparison with a Volvo - there is none... Volvo's are very soft drives - the three vehicles you posted for comparison drive very differently than a Volvo. The storage space on a Volvo is a joke - the rear loadspace has a huge amout of wasted space under the rear deck... very low headroom in the storage space, and average performance.

    The Sequioa will drive the most truck-like out of the three you posted, the Audi the most car-like.
    Obviously you can tell because I have owner an LR3 and LR4 that I am a bit biased - but you did post in the LR forum. :)

    Do yourself a favour and schedule a test drive with all three on the same day.. it's the only way to keep each vehicle fresh in your mind when comparing.
  • we picked up a 2011 sequoia sr5 in december. (see paid prices and buying experience forum). if you want room, go for the sequoia. you cant go wrong with it. it is HUGE and very roomy inside. i am 6'2" tall and i have no problem getting in the back seat or the third row seat. all i can say is we are very happy with it.
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