91 ford ranger sputtering and stalling

sammie71121sammie71121 Member Posts: 4
We got my 91 ford ranger about a year ago, and for a few months it has on and off had an issue with sputtering and stalling when we first start it. You will hear the engine working very hard and it will shake the truck and then boom, truck turns off. First time it happened it was right after we had the first full tank of gas in a looong time, had been running it until it died from no gas(we are broke), so we replaced the fuel pump hoping we had just clogged it. It didnt happen for awhile after that but then the last month it started happening again.

Keep in mind, it will do it once, and then we will restart it, and its fine,like it never happened.

Well, my fiance was driving it to work this morning on the freeway and it did the same thing twice. only difference, it was while he was already driving. It took him awhile, but he got it to start and got it back home.Had to call into work. This is his work truck so we are really worried about fixing this or he doesnt have a job any more.

No money to get it diagnosed. Any ideas??


  • bolivarbolivar Member Posts: 2,316
    When you replaced the pump, did you replace the fuel filter? On my 94 4L, it was about under the drivers door on the inside of the frame.
  • sammie71121sammie71121 Member Posts: 4
    yes, that's actually the first thing we did right after it happened in the beginning, and we just did it again yesterday just to be safe, along with the fuel relay.
  • chrisadkinschrisadkins Member Posts: 1
    this all started last night, I was driving to town and the truck was acting normal, all of a sudden it started cutting out.. it would act like it died for a split second and then start running fine again. It did this for about 10 minutes. After this it died, I started it back up and it idled fine. I revved the engine up and it seemed alright, But as soon as I put it in drive it didn't want to take gas, if I barely touched the pedal I could get the truck rolling about 15 mile an hour I drove it to town and parked it at a friends. I went back the next day, drove it home like this (wich took quite a while) and put a new air filter, fuel filter, and coil pack on it. Now its a pain in the neck to even get started, it has plenty of fuel pressure, so I know it isn't the fule pump Please Help Me!!!
  • soms1soms1 Member Posts: 1
    Could be crank shaft position sensor, crank shaft pulley hub, MAF, O2 sensor, ICM, EGR & valve fuel regulator, injectors, and even grounds or computer to name a few.
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