08 Sedona or 10 Sienna

jmirrorjmirror Member Posts: 3
I plan to buy a used minivan and have it narrowed down to:

1) a 2008 Kia Sedona LX with 80K miles, $7800 (NADA rough trade in value: $7350).

2) a 2010 Toyota Sienna LE with 84K miles, $14000 (NADA rough trade in value: $13,200).

The prices above are after taxes and fees. Both vehicles are in good condition. I plan to keep the van till it has 150K miles (6 years?). Reliability is a top concern, but price is a close second. I can afford the Toyota without breaking the bank, but would rather get the Kia for the low price (if they are fairly trouble free). Which one of these do you recommend?


  • toyotasucks2toyotasucks2 Member Posts: 3
    DO NOT BUY A TOYOTA ANYTHING! As a company they are continuing to limp along on their past reputation but the vehicles they are manufacturing now are wretched. I bought a 2008 Toyota Sienna immediately following a great 8 year experience with another Toyota Sienna and the new van has had more trouble in 4 years than the other had in 8. Both automatic doors have failed and cost $1,700 EACH to repair. I wouldn't have another Toyota vehicle if it was given to me.
  • koala2koala2 Member Posts: 4
    2008 Sienna mini-van XLE Limited (FWD), fully loaded with heated leather seats,
    sunroof, GPS+Back camera, DVD with remote control and 3 headsets for the 2nd
    and 3rd row, upgraded stereo system, 81.7K miles. Passed third party inspection and per previous owner, it's in good condition. With title, tax and everything $20,200 (the
    car itself is around $18,700).

    Overpaid? thx
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