Ford Explorer Glass Door Hinge Failure

ohio_pamohio_pam Member Posts: 1
My 2005 Ford Explorer rear glass door hinges sheared off without warning and injured my hand. Ford is aware of this defect problem--the working hinges supporting this heavy glass door are ordinary plastic and a very small pot-metal piece near the glass window--as my mechanic says he replaces the failed hinges often. Ford charges $50.00 a piece to replace these defective part with the same inadequate part. I am lucky to only have painful contusions to my hand. Ford has given me a case # and apathy. I urge all owners of these cars to join my fight for a complete recall and an adequate solution to this problem. I have a grandson and I shudder to think what could have happened! :mad:


  • mersteniukmersteniuk Member Posts: 1
    My son's explorer has the back window duct taped on because both hinges broke.
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