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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thanks, Dennis.

    I did end up buying this morning (personal constraints on timing). I ended up 18,500 OTD. For others shopping the breakdown looked like this.

    Base Price: 16,700.60
    Dealer Prep Fees: 349.00
    Taxes: 1277.05
    Tag/Title: 122.00
    Some Random Overcharge: 51.15
    OTD: 18,500

    Some notes: The "base price" includes the 595 destination charge and a couple of dealer extras (sports stripe, mud flaps). I know that one shouldn't pay "dealer prep fees" (a.k.a. "processing fees"), but these are like a religion for most dealers. I didn't care about them as long as the OTD price was in my range.

    Had I been in the mood to haggle more (and had more time) I probably could have squeezed them down to 18,400 or 18,300 OTD. However, given that the factory holdback is 2% of base MSRP and that I was dealing with 7% state sales tax, I don't know whether a dealer could go much lower than 18,300 and make a profit.

    My advice to other shoppers - wait til the end of the month; deal directly with the sales manager.

    In any case, no regrets. LOVE the car!
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    this thread is great for finding ex/lx sedan and lx coupe prices paid...

    but are they areny ex coupe owners out there that can post their numbers? I know that buying an accord would probably yield the best deal at a honda dealer right now, but for the commuter who is a mileage whore and wants something more nimble, the civic fits the bill.

    so anyone?
  • ewnatsewnats Posts: 7
    I'm still in the hunt for that elusive 18,500-18,700 OTD price for a Civic LX sedan in upstate NY. Can anyone give me some tips to haggle with the dealer? I'm new to this whole car buying experience. Best quote I had so far was end of last month at 18,950 (ish) OTD. I emailed the dealers I spoke to in July and they havn't responded back after 4 days. Should I just request a quote from Honda for those dealerships?

  • Ewnats:

    I'm by no means an expert. I bought a Civic LX sedan today (see prior posts). That last car I bought was a new 2000 Mazda Protege (in 2000!). I don't know what dealers in upstate NY are like, but if there motivated to sell at the end of the month, you should be able to get your OTD based on everything that I've read on the web. I like the "direct" approach. If you're VERY confident that you're willing to pay 18,500, then try this: Walk into a dealership; ask for the sales manager (not a salesperson or sales agent); inform the sales manager EXACTLY what kind of Civic you want; and then, tell him/her that you'll buy it on the spot if they will give you an OTD price of 18,500 (?) 18,600 (?). [That part is up to you.]

    I actually did this, this morning. I walked into a dealership that I hadn't been in before, asked for the sales manager, stated my price as matter-of-factly as you please, and after he disappeared for a few moments, he came back and said, "Yeah, we can do that."

    Ultimately, I used his agreeableness to negotiate a slightly lower price at another dealer. Anyhow, that's my experience. I'm sure there are regional differences.

    One more thing: I started by "requesting quotes" as you put it. And the quotes I got ranged from 19,200 - 18,800 OTD. It was the direct approach that broke the "quotes" threshold. Of course, at that point, I had played my card about what I was willing to pay. So, make sure that you're happy with an 18,500 OTD. I might have gone lower if I'd been more hard-nosed about it.

  • Hi Dud, Thanks so much for all your help. Fees are minimal about $100 and this 18,200 does not include tax (in NY its 8%). Its an automatic. Its a 2007 Honda Civic EX, 4 door. Its not an OTD price. Does not include any fees/tax (DOES include destination) at 18,200.I am going back to the dealer tomorrow (Friday) morning so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • I am looking to purchase a 2007 Civic EX AT. However, there are none in the color I want within 100+ miles of where I live. Anyone have any info to share about what is logical to pay (if anything) to transfer it here. I feel a little 'behind the 8 ball' when negotiating because of this. Any info/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • dddale, thanks so much for the recommendation! I'm trying to work with some dealers you mentioned, but Marin Honda seems pretty good. I may want a quote from them too...
  • My lowest offer out the door for a 07 civic LX 4dr AT is now 18410.84 with free state inspection for the time I own the car from a highly recommended dealer in my area. Is this a good price out the door or should I see if I can go lower? I'm also waiting to hear from other dealers but plan to buy next weekend. I live in PA and the breakdown of the cost is:
    17224 cost of car
    1033.44 tax (PA 6%)
    153.40 for license fee
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    They have 3 ways to get you the car you want:

    1) Pay 2 drivers to go get it - driving up in one of their used cars and 1 drives back your new car.

    2) Pay 1 driver to go get it on a swap - he/she drives a new, but different color, Honda to the distant dealership and drives your new car back.

    3) Use a truck and haul it.

    1 and 2 cost less - maybe $100-150 depending on the distance, but they get to drive your new car before you do and they put miles on it maybe some paint chips from the trip. 3 can be very expensive - maybe $200 and up - but your car arrives with "no" miles on it.

    What I would do if I were you is find the car you want for yourself and try making a deal with the dealer that has it, then all you are out is the gas and the time of a friend or loved one to drive you to go get it.

  • jlm1955jlm1955 Posts: 9
    I am in the process of buying "2" Honda Civics, following is the deal I got. This seems to be a good deal, I could not get another dealer to match/beat it? The trade is a piece of crap 1998 Neon.

    Civic LX/MT: $16,055
    Dealer fee: $499
    Civic LX/AT: $16,855
    Dealer fee: $499
    Two Car Total: $33,908
    $2K for trade: $2000 (1998 Neon)
    Final cost: $31,908 (plus tax and tag of course)
  • prsuprsu Posts: 5

    I am new to this board and I plan to buy a Civic LX 4dr AT.

    When Honda release 2008 model, how much it.
    For example if the 2007 out of door price is 18500 now, how much will be 2008 out of door price (19500 , 20000 or same price) ? Any idea?

  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I'd bet the price of the '08 models will only rise between 1% and 2%, but don't quote me on this. I'd be very surprised to see the prices remain the same actually.

    The Sandman :)
  • Take the source as it is....a dealer told me they are expecting the 08 prices to increase 3.5%
  • duddud Posts: 91
    No matter how high the '08 prices go ...

    The fact is the dealers will be trying to get close to MSRP for the '08. They are now willing to go as low as invoice (or below) on the '07 models to clear them off the lot.

    Do the math. The difference between invoice on an '07 and MSRP on an '08 (assuming a 2% price incease over the '07 model) will be substantial, something like $1,600 ($1,200 plus $400).

    If you are currently looking for a Civic you should be focusing on making the purchase at the end of this month. The model year turnover is fast approaching ...
  • kyotekyote Posts: 28
    You may be right, some price increase for 08. I hope I can find and buy the right 07 so as to avoid that possible increase. But I do wonder. Its not like they have to re-tool the Civic factory, find new suppliers for materials, etc. like they had to for the 08 Accord. Heck, what will change on the Civic, the window sticker changes from 07 to 08? They will have, I think I read somewhere, a leather OPTION so that will mean they have to print up some new stickers for those models. And then maybe they will have tire pressure monitors on all trim levels.. But no changes on engine or radio or colors. So will be interesting to watch. Maybe they can just syke out customers as it is a “new year 08” and so charge more for the 08. But maybe not, as there is competition for our money. Too much price increase and people will be looking more at Toyota and Nissan and Mazada. And the whole economy and stock market is a little down swing so too much price increase could hurt sales. Just my .02. I hope I can find the right 07.
  • yebayeba Posts: 3
    I have been waiting for the civic clearance on 2007 models but the prices arent as good as toyota's. Best price for a civic is around $1000 below MSRP. I have seen corolla LEs MSRP of $17.5k go down as low as $13.8k.

    I have noticed that some honda dealers still carry 2006 models on the civic, like elk grove honda. Anyone hear got any good deals on 2006 brand new models? How low do dealers usually offer on 2006 models at this time?
  • I in PA as well, and I have been pricing as well. I am waiting till this Friday or next to buy as I am sure they will want to meet month goals, etc.

    The Best Quotes I have received:

    Moon Honda - $17,231.67 plus tax +109 Title/Plates (+270) Rainbow Honda - $16,961.67 Plus Tax + 83 Title/Plates
    Valley Honda - Said they will match to make the sale

    From this I am going to see who gives me the best deal on my trade-In and be done Friday afternoon sometime. I emailed the dealer I want to deal with my best quotes and told him whoever gives me the best overall value I am buying that day. I have my financing done and ready with check in hand.

    The forums have saved me a ton already. Before I would look at MSRP talk down from there and feel good I got 500-700 off sticker... :blush:

  • amy6amy6 Posts: 2
    Back in January, I bought my 2007 civic (Lx, 4Dr, auto) from Moon Honda for $16,999 + tax and a temporary plate fee of about $30... because I registered it out of state. I too priced shopped online first. Moon assured me that they would also price match anyone in the area. They were very easy to deal with and also very professional. They also have a "Courtesy trade" option if you want to sell your car to someone else. They handle all of the paper work, and you end up not paying taxes on the amount of what your car sells for. The only catch is that you have to bring the buyer with you and complete all of the paper work for that and also your new car on the same day. I used craigslist for advertising and selling mine.

    Being a female, I was worried about getting jerked around on price, but once I said that and was stern from the get go, I was offered $16,999 from the start FIRST PRICE. I dealt with Tommy Trasport, and I'd highly recommend him to anyone. I will definitely go back to him for my next vehicle. If you'd like to use me as your referral, definitely let me know! I think they give little perks if you refer someone! Good luck!
  • Ok well now I feel more comfortable with the offer I have as it's in the range of yours and you're on the other side of the state. Thanks for the reply.
  • Did you buy the LX AT 4d for $18000 OTD? Can you tell us which dealership in San Diego? Thanks!
  • duddud Posts: 91

    You are correct. For the most part the '07 and '08 Civics will be the same. The point I was trying to make was the dealers can ask more for an '08 vice an '07 because the '07 are just that ... '07s. The '07 model year is over and you are basically getting in at the END of the model year vice at the beginning, like the '08. Basically, you are buying a new car but in a few months will APPEAR to be a year old car. I don't mind this personally since we keep our cars 8 to 10 years but if you trade in every few years then it will matter. You will get more for your car if you bought (within the next 2 months) an '08 vice an '07.

    If you are going to get a Civic this year ... do it sooner than later, do it near the end of this month. Start on the 25th or so and request quotes from your local dealers. If you happen to get a low bid (I got 2) you are golden. The whole process took me one afternoon. I paid a little over $17,000 and that included the notorious "dealer fee" of $600!
  • Hi Amy -

    Thanks for the reply. I am very suprised to hear that Moon was so good to you. I am actually trying not to deal with them because of the poor service and higher quote, but at the end of the day all that matters to me is the best deal. I went in Friday to get my trade evaluated and I kid you not, I walked in and went right to the receptionist desk, and she did not look up at me for at least 15 minutes. Finally a sales person came by and asked if I was being helped and I said no, I am here to see so and so. He was busy with another customer I was told. I said no problem, I am just here to get my car valued. The car dealer walked off and said ok. I was shocked he didn't offer to help. At this point I wasted 25 minutes of my day and I left.

    Anyway, thanks for the feedback, I am glad your experience was a lot more pleasent then mine.
  • editor2editor2 Posts: 64
    If you have a dealer you can work with, they will get that car in for you. It should be at NO CHARGE to you. I did this myself, worked a deal that way. Yes, they would have given me one sitting on the lot for possibly a couple hundred less, but the deal I made was fine for that time frame, and they got my color in. It did amount to extra mileage on the car when I took delivery: I think it had 208 miles on it. It made no difference to us then, and it still doesn't: we buy the car to drive it, so those miles were going to happen anyway.

    In short, if local dealer is better for you, work it up and they can get the car in, with no cost to you beyond the deal you make.
  • I live in NYC and helped my father purchas an Accord Sedan EX-L(4 cylinders) from a NJ Dealer just a week ago. I went to couple of dealers and this dealer in NJ was the best price I found. I always ask in OTD price because I'm new to car buying and don't want to have some hidden price included after I get a price on the car. I was first interested in SE trim and they offered OTD price of $20,000 which was way better than what other NY dealers were offering and I decided to get EX-L if the price is that low. I eventually paid $23,300 OTD which is just about same as invoice price. I think I could have pushed it down to $23,000 but I felt that was already a good price.

    That was for my father and after driving some, I really liked it and wanted to purchase one for myself. I don't think I can afford an Accord and I think Civic is good enough for me.

    Anyway, the question is, I'm planning to return to the same dealer, will I be able to drop prices way more since I bought a car from him very recently? If yes, what price should I aim for? I'm thinking either LX or EX trim. I always calculate OTD price and I was thinking, $15,000 OTD for LX or get EX if I can get it for $16,000 OTD.

    Am I pushing it too much or are the prices possible because I've purchased a car recently? Maybe I can go for more?
  • editor2editor2 Posts: 64
    Are you speaking about manual or automatic? 2007 I guess, right? Manual is cheaper, but even so, your OTD hopes for Civic LX or EX are very unrealistic. How did you arrive at those ideas for pricing? These cars are in very high demand and the deals aren't the same as for Accords.
    You should check out invoice on the models you're interested in (at Edmunds or elsewhere) and aim for invoice plus tax and fees, or maybe few hundred below that. A recent great price for the Civic EX 4 dr sedan on this forum was $19,600 OTD. I paid about $20,300 OTD a few months ago.
    No, I wouldn't think you'll get some fabulous price for a Civic because you bought an Accord recently. Hopefully I'm wrong, but I wouldn't count on it. Good luck though. :)
  • Thanks for your input. This is how I came out with those prices. I checked the invoice price for Civic LX from and saw $16,349 so I was thinking if I paid invoice price as OTD from them on the first car, maybe I can pull $15,000 and same reason for the EX but I pushed a bit more because I don't think EX is necessary unless price was really really good. I'm a new car buyer and I honestly don't know what price to ask so I just wanted to see what others thought before I went.
  • kmodikmodi Posts: 1

    $1156.38 ( nj 7% tax )
    $35.00 , Reg & Title
    $18000.00 OTD.
    Pl. note that I paid Cash ( 100% down ) & turned in lic plate. ( by whick you can save about $75.00)
    My experience was pleasant with the dealership.

    Good Luck to you!!
  • duddud Posts: 91

    I agree. I paid almost the exact same amount for my '07 LX sedan MT ($700 less than the AT).

    I keep recommending people to wait till the end of the month. If I were still in the market I would start requesting quotes on the 28th of this month.
  • Nice. Yeah I cant get any lower than 18410 OTD at this point and I need a car so I'm willing to pay it because it's still lower than I was expecting and has free state inspection for the time I own it which was something I was looking for since I plan to own the car for quite awhile. Thanks for the reply.
  • Hi I'm new to this board and I plan to buy a 07 Civic Coupe LX AT.

    I live in Las Vegas but I wouldn't mind travel to S. Cali if the deal is good. I would appreciate if anyone who purchased a Civic recently in Las Vegas or S. Cali area could provide me with some information like OTD price paid and the name of the dealership.

    Thank you in advance for your response.

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