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Toyota Highlander check engine light & svc light error codes

jlvikesjlvikes Member Posts: 1
edited December 2013 in Toyota

Just last week, I purchased a used, 2003 Highlander Limited model. I drove it for the first few days without any problems, but today the check engine light and vsc lights went on. I borrowed a friend's OBD2 scanner and found the following codes - along with the description I found at

· P0300 - Random Misfire.
· P0302 - Misfire Detected – Cyl. 6.
· P0304 - Misfire Detected – Cyl. 4.
· P0306 - Misfire Detected – Cyl. 2.
· P0174 – System Too Lean (Bank 2)
· P2197 – O2 Sensor Signal Stuck Lean Bank 2 Sensor 1

I've read a few articles online that mention cleaning the MAF sensor? Just wondering if anybody has any suggestions? I am a "computer guy" and not a mechanic at all...I'm not afraid, however, to try to troubleshoot problems on my own as long as I can find good resources online (ex?:

Any suggestions? If I do need to take this to a mechanic, can I still drive the vehicle for a bit or could that really mess up my vehicle?


  • spockspock Member Posts: 1
    Holy crap I have this exact same problem, exact same vehicle. I have changed both upstream o2 sensors, cleaned the mass airflow sensor. I can smell a strong odor of gas when a step outside of the vehicle and the gas mileage, especially in town totally sucks. Figures there are no answers on this one eh? Hopefully, somebody with a mechanical inclination can help us.
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