Toyota Tacoma stalled

hdtripperhdtripper Member Posts: 2
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Had driven a total of 80 miles previous day with no problems.

The next morning i went 5 miles and had coffee for about an hour.Still no problems.

Then driving back home about 2 miles was making a stop at a red light .The light turned green before I came to a stop,so I gave it the gas to procede.After about a mile the car stalled. Coasted to a stop. Tried to restart easily turning the engine over it would pop a little on each turn but wouldn't start. Sat for a few minutes and tried again pumping a little but wouldn't start.Wasiterd a few more and got it to start and idle but when I tried to give it the gas,it stalled. Tried again and got it to idle and just sat a little and it started to run rough and then stalled.

Had it towed to local mechanic. It sat a while before they started it and they said it started right up and didn't stall. But after they let it sit a while,they tried driving it out of parking lot and it stalled.

They have tried running a diognostics and no codes show up.


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