Need help with a 2004 Ford Explorer I bought please

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I bought a 2004 Ford Explorer 4wd eddie bauer edition with 98000. I payed 3800 for it from my Aunt and Uncle. A week later it needs a new transmission. Cost 2400. They said they would make it right for anything major wrong with it. It also has some elictrical problems with cpm and wiring that might add 250 bucks more to the cost. Transmission is major though.

They said they would pay for half. My wife says they should pay for all of it. They said they would buy it back too, but that would leave us 700 dollars in the hole with taxes, reg, plates, ext.

Is it worth it to bite the bullet and try and convince my wife to pay for half of the repair costs, which could be up to 2800 bucks and we would have to put 1400 more into the car?

Is a 2004 ford explorer worth putting this much into?

In a jam here. Stuck between my wife and my relatives and unsure what to do myself.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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    Only you can decide what to do; however, it sounds like you got a pretty good deal on the Explorer. I priced it with no options at just over $5K. Your other option is to replace it with something else - could you get a comparable AWD vehicle, without problems, for $3800? Or $5200, including the cost of repairs?

    Frankly, if I were your relatives and you pushed for them to pay all of it, I'd probably just take it back, replace the transmission, and sell it for $6,000 (assuming it has options).

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