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If you're new to our Forums, the following tips will be helpful.


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    How to create a Discussion, Poll, or Question

    Only registered members of Edmunds Automotive Network may create a Discussion, Poll, or Ask a Question. Make your selection from the drop down beneath your Forums screen name.

    When creating a New Discussion, Poll, or Question, please be sure to select the appropriate Make/Model category and input the model year. If the topic is not intended for a particular Make/Model/Year, select “General” as the Category. Enter a Discussion Title and your initial comment. To make your discussion even more specific, add appropriate Tags. You may enter your own, or click on “Show Popular Tags” and select from that list.

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    How to Post a Comment in a Discussion.

    If you wish to post a comment in an existing discussion, scroll down to the last comment on the page to enter your comment.

    You may reply directly to another member's comment by clicking on "Quote" at the bottom of their comment.

    This will pull their comment into the text box. You can then enter your comment beneath the copied post.

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    How to edit a Comment.

    Your comment will have a Gear icon at the upper right corner of your post.

    You have 4 hours to make corrections and changes to your comment. All edits are logged.

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    How to Post a Photo.

    To add a photo to your comment, click on the Attach Image/File icon.

    You may drag the image/file, or "Browse" to locate it on your computer. If the photo is hosted on a web site, copy the URL and then paste it in the "Image URL" box. Your photo may be resized (thumbnailed) for a better fit on the comment page. Clicking on the photo will enlarge it.

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    How to Follow/Bookmark a Discussion

    To Bookmark a discussion, look for the star! Hover your cursor over it and click once. The star will turn yellow denoting that discussion can now be accessed from your Bookmarks.

    From a list of discussions:

    At the top of an open discussion:

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    How to Search.

    For Advanced Search, go to the Forums landing page, Click on the arrow to expand the Search box and enter key words.

    For searching within a discussion, look for the magnifying glass icon. Click on it to open. You'll find that icon in every discussion, plus in selected category lists, My Bookmarks and My Discussions lists. Please note, when searching within a single discussion your results will be limited to comments in that discussion. Some of the search boxes will also give you a down arrow that will expand your search options so you can also search by comment author and date.

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    Your Forums Profile

    When logged in, your screen name will appear in your Forums tool box on the right side of every Forums page. It will display if you have new notifications sent to you by other members. Click on the world icon to view list of all notifications. Click on the envelope to view list of personal messages. To open your profile, click on the gear icon or simply click on your screen name.

    The main Profile page is your personal wall. It displays the Badges you've earned, the number of Reactions your comments have received, and members can also post comments on your wall. Under Activity, you can select to view a list of all the Discussions and Comments you have posted, plus the number of Messages and Warnings you have received. From your Profile page, you can upload a photo for your avatar. Click on the current "face". Then click on Change Picture and follow the directions.

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    Editing Your Profile

    To add information or make changes to your profile, click on "Edit Profile". You can also access this by clicking on the gear icon in your Forums tool box. From this page, you can choose what you wish to share with other members. After entering information or making changes, be sure to click on Save.

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    Notification Preferences/Quote Settings/Signature Settings

    Setting Notification Preferences

    From Notification Preferences, you can select to receive alerts by Email, Popup, or both. After selecting, be sure to click "Save Preferences".

    Quote Settings

    This setting determines how many levels of quoted comments you would like to view within a comment. The default is set at 1 level, but you may choose up to 5 levels, or "Don't ever fold quotes."

    Signature Settings

    In this setting you can create a signature that will appear at the bottom of all your posted comments. You may also select not to view other member signatures and/or images within signatures.

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    All discussions are now categorized by Make or Topic.

    On the right side of every Forums page, select Make and, if desired, a Model as a subcategory from "Browse Forums by:" Then click "Go". The result will be a list for all discussions categorized with that make/model.

    If you are not seeking discussions for a specific make/model, you can browse by Topic/Subtopic.

    Click on "Categories", located beneath your screen name on the right, to view the list of all categories.


    Tags are helpful in making a discussion more specific. We have a selection of "Popular Tags", as shown in the first comment. From the Forums landing page, scroll down and will see the list of "Popular Tags" and the current number of discussions associated with that particular tag. Clicking on one will result with a list of the discussions

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