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  • johnkohlerjohnkohler Member Posts: 3
  • johnkohlerjohnkohler Member Posts: 3
    Canadian salt and winters, eh? 1.6L, HP 106 @ 6200, Torque 103 @ 4600.

  • rangers_frangers_f Member Posts: 7
    I just wish you knew to wax around alittle. But that would have been a pain in the [non-permissible content removed]. That rust looks like hell now.
  • spiritusspiritus Member Posts: 1
    I am buying a Honda Del Sol 1993. In order to insure it, my Insurance Co. needs to know what it cost new, since they do not have it in their database. Does anyone out there know how I can find out what this car cost new?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    Good question, but I doubt you will get much response here.

    Try posting your question over on the Finance/Warranty/Insurance board.
  • bjk2001bjk2001 Member Posts: 358

    Since Honda doesn't make new Del Sol anymore. I would just put down $15K for insurance sake. You are not insuring a new car. Your insurance company will not pay for a new car in case you total the car all they will do is to pay you used car price. Original purchase price in this case is "Required Useless Nonsense" anyway.

  • jokerluvjokerluv Member Posts: 4
    go to and ask they know almost everything
  • rockshocka1rockshocka1 Member Posts: 310
    ...but I just got on the boards.

    My '93 del Sol SI was 17 and change new with rear spoiler & cd player. Samba green, still runs great, only 82k miles.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    What kind of gallery is this? :)
  • johnkohlerjohnkohler Member Posts: 3
    rangers_f, sorry to take almost a year to reply, but the brown stuff that you are looking at in my above engine bay photo is NOT rust, it is the waxy anti-rust compound. In addition to this stuff, I have also been taking my Civic to Krown for annual oil sprays to further combat rust. I have owned the car for 38 months now and it still looks like new. Frequent (Turtle) waxing is hard work as you state, but with a few cold ones it is not too bad and certainly worth every bit of the effort. I don't care about the messy looking engine bay, it is a lot better than rust. I have added A/C since the photo because this car is a keeper. Should have bought two, love that double wishbone suspension (2000 last year for it).
  • azaharchukazaharchuk Member Posts: 22
    Hey Johnkholer,
    Thanks for putting your Civic pic on here. It was the deciding factor on my purchase of identical Honda Alloy wheels. They look very sharp on my '02 Civic DX Coupe!

  • pedrokimpedrokim Member Posts: 8
    Here's my 2003 Civic Ex (2/9/2003)

    Here's the before and after with simple mods.

    In case these pictures don't show up, I have a page on cardomain.
  • edunnettedunnett Member Posts: 553
    Here's my little girl - acquired in July 2004, busy restoring her to safe and efficient condition. She is 18 years old, has 126,900 miles on her, gets 36 mpg so far and runs pretty nicely with a few hiccoughs. She stalled on startup a lot at first but that's been tuned away. Now she gets hot going up hills, we're looking at a new radiator and burping air out of the system.


    Since purchasing her from a dealer, we have:
    - replaced rear brake cylinders, bled brake system and changed fluid
    - replaced water pump, timing belt, cooling hoses, radiator (next week), cooling fan motor and switch
    - usual tune up things: plugs, wires, filters, fluids (synthetics where applicable)...
    - four new tires and an alignment
    - tuned and cleaned the carburetor
    - repaired a bunch of rust on both front pillars
    - adjusted the ignition timing
    - replaced vacuum advance unit
    - fixed an air conditioning problem by finding ports for two dangling vacuum hoses!
    - corrected a few oil leaks
    - found a replacement radio (I need my scan/seek button!)
    - given her a REALLY good bath
    - tons of other things I can't think of now...

  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    I love it! Looks like you're treating your new baby well. :-)
  • _civic_cx__civic_cx_ Member Posts: 3
    :confuse: u put that much mony into it but why????????? i mean how much was it can u offord something difrent???????? sounds like shes not all that great?? but that just my oppinion lol she looks like shes a lil :sick: lol
  • dotsaradotsara Member Posts: 8
    Here's my girl; haven't named her, yet, still thinking about it. (:

    '06 Si, side profile

    '06 Si, dashboard
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
  • res046xkres046xk Member Posts: 8
    I wondered the same thing. I can't see any of the pictures.

  • kenlwkenlw Member Posts: 190
    the new baby. Our 1st Honda, btw.

    07 Galaxy Gray EX coupe auto with HFP, 18" HFP wheels, 215/40, tint.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Nice! Why not also post your pic(s) on your CarSpace page?

    Congrats on your new ride!
  • eldainoeldaino Member Posts: 1,618
    nice! Yours looks pretty decked out! I love the honda body kit for the new civic, makes it look much edgier (but probably adds too much weight!)
  • kenlwkenlw Member Posts: 190
    yes, I'm sure it adds weight, but seriously, if I wanted a fast car I wouldn't have bought the EX; I would have kept my Camry (97 v6). But at 22mpg and 200k miles, it was time to pass it down to my son.
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