ford focus 2003 marker light issue

hillsmanhillsman Member Posts: 1
edited December 2013 in Ford

I am having issues with my side marker lights that stay on. I have removed the battery and have disconnected about everything possible on the car and they still are on. The only way that they turn off is from removing the turn signal fuse. I have removed the radio, smelled burnt. I got this car from a friend. The main wiring harness to the radio looks fine but the radio smells burn and doesn't work. The light still are on, I think that must be the reason that the side markers are still on. I have removed the hazard, flasher and turn signal and the head light switch and they are still on and the ignition switch is still unhooked and in the flasher indicator and instrument cluster have a slight glow. any help or ideas with this would be great and much appreciated .

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