'99 Audi A4 1.8T, Car Bucks on deceleration

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Can someone please give me a suggestion?
This is car is practically new. I have 16K miles on it. Over the past 7K miles, I have had increasing problems with the car "jerking" upon decelerating (barely lifting my foot off the gas) after going a steady speed. Typically this has been happening on 4th gear at 3150 RPM, but i have seen it at different speeds as well. It is a manual transmission and a Quattro. I took it into the dealer when it was bucking a little and they
told me that was normal of course, that's how audi builds there cars. I knew that was wrong, and of course it got worse. I took it back in a few weeks later and they found a fault code, said it was the "Throttle cable" that needed adjusting.
They kept it for a few days , then I got it back and it was fine for the first day or 2. Now the problem has reared its ugly head again, although not as badly as before. I am tired of taking this car in again. I understand that some corporates will make their franchises go thru certain steps before actually fixing the main problem. I would really like some suggestions on how to avoid taking this car in 15 times before they actually fix the problem.
Thank you,
I really appreciate any help, I'm really discouraged about my Audi.
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    My 2000 Audi A4 had to be towed to the dealer because it blew an in-line fuse that was not user accessible. NO REASON FOR FUSE TO BLOW.
    Dealer "checked it out" and could not find a problem. Just replaced the fuse after 2 days. Said "it was probably just a bad fuse". RIIIGGHHTT!
    Only 8,000 miles on it. Numerous other problems which I won't bore the reader with.
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