Vibration at speeds of 40+ while turning and slighty going over bumps. 2011 Chevy Suburban Z71.

jehallworldjehallworld Member Posts: 1
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Hello, My name is James, I have a 2011 Chevy Suburban Z71. I am having a problem with my baby. At highway speeds my vehicle vibrates and makes and awful noise while turning left and a slight vibration when going over bumps as well. I have replaced the wheel hub bearing assembly on the left (driver) side, but the problem still remains. Can somebody, anybody please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • takumi_takumi_ Member Posts: 7
    the left front corner makes noise during a left turn? Check your inner and outer tie rods and shock + shock bushings (might be loose) Then switch the left and right wheels around to see if the problem follows the wheel.
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