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2006 Subaru Tribeca will not start

nek_vermonternek_vermonter Member Posts: 1
edited December 2013 in Subaru

Good afternoon.I am a "newbie" on this discussion forum.Here's my story.We have a 2006 B9 Tribeca we purchased used in April.We have had no problems until September when the "puddle lamps" (small lamps under the doors) shorted out and made smoke go into the cabin of the car.Called Subaru dealer and found out there was a recall notice for this problem.Made an appt. and problem was fixed.Now...in the last two weeks though,there have been a dozen instances where the car will not start.It will crank over two/three times and quit.It never fires up and runs.I never know how many times I have to do this before it WILL start. Right now,it has not started since last night.Side note....there is now a strange noise coming from the heater fan box as well.Second side note.When I turn the key to start it,the "Info Center" display dims.Any insight by others who have experienced these problems is greatly appreciated! Thank you!


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    morey000morey000 Member Posts: 384

    Just wondering if you ever figured this out. I've got an '07 with 70Kmi and this morning, it would turn over just fine (plenty of battery power and strong starter motor), but wouldn't start. I've heard rumors of a bad ECU program from this vintage if the temp is right at 0C (which is about what the temp was). Or, of course, it could be anything from failed fuel pump to something messed up in the ignition. Just wondering if you figured out your issue.

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