Renegade with Transmission and Heater Core issues - help!!!

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The short version is that I would like someone to give me an idea of what I'm going to have to spend if I have to replace the transmission and the heater core at the same time. The longer version is below. Thank you!

So my '06 Renegade (almost to 75k miles) is being cranky. The check engine light came on about 6 months ago and then turned off a week later. Was good for a couple months, then came back on and wouldn't turn off. Had it scanned - came back with "torque converter clutch out of range". Called the dealer to ask about powertrain warranty, and they were no help. Had been running fine, but after a longer drive (about 100 miles or so), the trans temp light came on. Took it to the shop and they changed out the fluid and took a look at it. They said there were a lot of metal grindings in the bottom of it - too much for comfort. That fixed the light for about 2 days, and then it came back on. Took it back, they scanned it again, and said it came back with 2 transmission codes (don't know what they are - no paperwork since the scan was free). They're in the process of pricing out different options and are supposed to call me this week to let me know. It's still running fine, and before you ask, no, I do not regularly engage the 4WD. Only when it's really slick outside and the few occasions I've had to drive on mud or gravel. I don't know the history before I got it - I have had it for 3 years. Right after I got it, my mechanic told me that it had the wrong transmission fluid in it and they changed it. This is the first major problem I have had with it.

At to complicate things further, it's been temperamental about heating up. It usually does eventually, but sometimes I have to turn the heater off and back on a few times. Tonight it took awhile to get warm, and by the end of the short trip, it was just blowing cool air, even when it was cranked up full blast. It's cold here and getting colder - that's gonna get old awfully quick.

Question is, anybody have a ballpark guess for how expensive it's going to be to fix both of these things at the same time? I know that knowing what was up with the transmission would help this - just go worst case scenario. Whole new transmission plus new heater core? I'm nervous because this is a bad time of year for high ticket repairs, but I can't go without a heater. Too cold here. I want to be at least somewhat prepared when I get the estimate. This is not something I am comfortable doing by myself.

Thank you in advance!

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