Key / Engine Isolator issues. 2011 Santa Fe

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I recently bought a 2011 Santa Fe with 27,000 km. On three separate occasions I have put the key in the ignition, the starter turned over fine but engine would not fire and/or start. I believe there are engine isolator / anti theft issues. Today I put the key in the ignition, foot on the brake, transmission is in park and the key will not even move to be able to start the vehicle. I have tried the other factory key and same thing. I have taken the auto into the local dealer but unless they can actually see the event take place they claim they can't do anything. I disconnected the battery for 1 hour, no change. Anyone have similar issues and or suggestions.


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    We had problems with the key not turning because of some type of wheel locking mechanism that was part of the design. There was a recall for something somewhat related and we had the dealer check out the wheel problem at the same time. The recall fix was supposed to help, and I did not have as many issues until just recently. The dealer had told me if it happens to put your left hand on the top of the wheel and jerk hard to the left. After jerking once or twice I have always been able to get the key to turn (so far anyway).

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