1993 Dodge Dakota Acceleration/Drive Issues

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I have a 1993 dodge dakota 3.9l v6 that I am having some issues with. Ever since it got cold out acceleration is sporadic and at times seems not to want to accelerate at all. It feels to me when this happens like it is not getting fuel. It happens at about 2000rpm every times and when this happens if I floor the truck it eventually starts to rapidly accelerate after sputtering. After getting up to speed and back at around in town driving speed of 30-35mph it starts hesitating/sputtering and feels like it is running out of gas again. I replaced the fuel pump and filter which did not solve anything (except my gas gauge now works). I have cleaned the throttle body and replace the gasket, Spark plugs and wires seem fine even though it has been a while since they have been changed. The truck runs great when idling and without being under load will rev up steady all the way. Seems like once the truck warms up the problem gets better but it is still very sporadic and happens at random times. When this happens if I floor the truck it will come out of the bad acceleration and accelerate fine until I let off the gas and rpms go back down. I am wondering if it could be the crankshaft or throttle positioning sensor but I would like some input before doing anything else to the truck since I am not exactly a mechanic. I get code 14 low/high map sensor voltage. I checked the map sensor by removing and using a vacuum pump, it works exactly like it should. I get around 16"hg at throttle and all other vacuum lines are intact far as I can tell. Please help! Thanks in advance for your help! *


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    did anyone post a solution for this guys problem? I am having the same issue.
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