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Top Not SecureMsg and Trunk not opening

bravo9bravo9 Posts: 1
edited October 2016 in Pontiac

I have an 07 GT Convertible and am getting frustrated. I've looked through a number of topics on this forum and haven't seen this one specifically. I have seen a number of posts on this issue on other forums but had problems registering with them.

Here's what happens: The driver trunk release button nor the FOB will release the trunk and a "Top Not Secure" msg displays on the ECM (Top comes up and down fine). If I disconnect the battery...The trunk will release with either the FOB or the manual button...unless I start the car first. The trunk won't open if I start the car first. So all the parts (actuator, etc) are working correctly but it seems to me a sensor would be causing this problem since the battery resets them all. I just don't know what else to check. I did contact a dealer in AL and they are supposed to have a good tech for these cars from what I hear. I'm just hoping someone with a similar experience might be able to provide some light on this.


  • I realize this answer is too old to be of help to you, but I'm hoping someone else can use it. First, like you said, you can access the trunk by disconnecting and reconnecting the negative battery terminal, and then using the trunk release button before starting the car. On my 2007 Pontiac G6 Gt convertible, I found that a red wire in the wiring harness in the top right hand corner of the trunk, next to the hinge mechanism had come loose from the tape, and had gotten cut by the hinge mechanism. I spliced the wires, taped them back up, and secured them so they couldn't get cut again. This resolved the code that I had been getting which was the same code you have. Hope someone finds this useful.
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