Towing capacity Toyota T100 5spd pickup?

jgtownjgtown Member Posts: 2
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Anyone know the towing capacity of T100 5 spd manual? Thanks for any info. Please email me at [email protected] Thanks! Jay


  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    The number I found is 5200# Jay. Follow this link...

    and then click on the Reviews link and you'll see the reference.

    I also did a little roaming around the web and was able to verify that info.

    Hope this helps!!

    PF Flyer


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  • tundradudetundradude Member Posts: 588
    V6 is 5000
    V6 4X4 is 4900
    4 cylinder is 4000

    What do you plan to tow?
  • jgtownjgtown Member Posts: 2
    I am towing a 3,000# wing keel sailboat on a trailer with surge brakes. Jay
  • tundradudetundradude Member Posts: 588
    You would be find with either engine or drivetrain for that sailboat.

    I never towed with my T100 which was a 4 cylinder, but my friend has who bought it.
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