Multiple issues, Starting, and when running stalling.

wmersonwmerson Member Posts: 1

My 2003 Ford Taurus wagon has been having stalling issues periodically for about a year. I brought it to my mechanic, but he couldn't find anything wrong with it. When it is running, it will start to sputter when I get on the highway. Sometimes multiple dash lights will flash, and the car will sputter, and then it goes away. I have had the alternator and the battery checked and they are fine. Last week it started refusing to turn over at all. If I left alone for a few hours and tried again it would start. It would crank a few times as if it was the battery, but it would start. It's left my wife stranded a couple times around Christmas.
Could this be a problem with the starter or the air flow sensor? We really can't afford another car right now, and my wife really loves her wagon.
We would eternally grateful for any suggestions or ideas!


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