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2004 Ford Expedition Door Ajar, Lighting, and Radio problems

gthompson622gthompson622 Posts: 1
edited December 2013 in Ford

Tonight my 2004 Ford Expedition experienced a couple problems. First when I opened my car door, the convenience/dome lights did not turn on. The lights did turn on when I turned off the car though. When I started the car the door ajar light also came on. I checked each door as well as the tailgate and the tailgate window and the door ajar light stayed on. I had my headlights set on automatic and they did not turn on even though it was dark out and they usually do turn on. I switched the headlights to manual and they did turn on. When I turned the car off the convenience/dome lights did turn on like I said before. The last thing I noticed was that when the key was out of the ignition and the car was off, the radio did not turn off when I opened the car door. I think it sounds like a door sensor. I don't know if it could be the GEM module or a relay or a corroded splice on 2 violet/purple wires that splice into one violet/purple wire that's under the driver side rear door sill.


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