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Electrical and lights issue on Subaru Outback

mtnjunkymtnjunky Member Posts: 1
edited December 2013 in Subaru

The marker lights and tail lights are suppose to go off when you turn off the car. Unfortunately mine are staying on and the only why to get them to turn off is disconnecting the battery. Anyone have this issue or know how to fix it. Thanks


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    bpeeblesbpeebles Member Posts: 4,085
    edited December 2013

    Welcome to 'Club Subaru'.... this problem happens to nearly all Subaru owners at some point. I bet you reset your trip-meter recently. - LOL

    There is a rocker-switch on the top of the steering-column. This switch is normally turned OFF. However, when it is ON, then your parking-lights will always be on. This rocker-switch can be accidently bumped into the ON position when you are resetting your trip-meter or cleaning your dashboard.

    I believe Subaru stopped putting that switch there starting in 2010 model-year.

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