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Starting Problems on a 2008 BMW 528i Please HELP!!!!

baluarte2baluarte2 Posts: 1
edited December 2013 in BMW

Hello, I have a 2008 BMW 528i. Recently I started having issues with the care not wanting to start. I have changed the starter, new alternator, new battery. The car is worked fine for about 2 weeks then the same problem began. You insert the key all the lights turn on normal when you push the button to start the car nothing happens. No crank nothing you, Please HELP I don't know what else to do and I don't want to keep dumping money for no reason. Thank you!!!


  • Hi, our sons 2000 528i has also recently had starting problems. We brought it to a mechanic that previously work at BMW. He replaced the battery and several days later the car didn't start again. The mechanic checked for an electrical short and recommended getting a new key. Please help if anyone knows what might be causing the issue. Is it possible the key could be the problem?? thanks

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