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Tuning Valve in the intake -- an miraculously i am out of warranty.. go figure!!! Saturn Outlook

aggravated07aggravated07 Posts: 35
edited December 2013 in Saturn

Happened out Friday while off from work -- car started idiling high and rough almost like losing power when trying to excelerate. Was told my car is out of warranty just under 80,000 miles but it is an 07 -- WTF!!!

Took to have checked by a friend to make sure i wasn't being lied to and this is a "possible" repair but not a sure thing repair.. So they wanted me to pay $150 + for part then labor and it wouldn't even guarantee the repair. WTH!!!

I have had nothing but trouble with this car -- I will NOT go back to this dealer they really don't care about the consumer -- I can't get a rental car unless I pay for it also out of pocket!! I hate GM/Chevrolet -- the consumer tax money bailed out this lousy company and this is how they treat us!!

If I could get rid of my car today, I would in a heartbeat, but of course they won't cover the balance of my loan, since I bought is used I am stuck with the worse car I have EVER owned.

I just wish they would OWN up to their piece of crap car -- buy it back and let me get a decent car that is reliable to transport my kids around without fears of it breaking down.


  • ok.. found out that this vehicle had what one repair man told me was a "silent recall" -- saying it something happened it did, but if it didn't it didn't and they wouldn't have to repair..

    The codes that came up all pointed to this issue and the dealer just told me it wasn't under warranty. Only when the mechanic personally called them and said this is what I found when searching, it is a recall and the codes, the flippin service person was quiet.. And then said i needed to have my car towed in since it wouldn't drive at my cost. WTH!!! If I wouldn't have took to a different mechanic I could have been out of pocket over $1000+ (that is insane). Worst part, GM will say we can't do anything about the dealerships, they are individually owned... They get their franchise $$ and walk away!!

    I hate GM -- i wish the Government would see how they treat us and i wish my taxes weren't used to save their A$$es. They need to own up and take this piece of [non-permissible content removed] car off the road and stand by the consumers and not the bottom dollar.

  • Update....they had a recall with timing chain. They had my car for over a week. I get my car back on Thursday 1/9/14..Friday its is being towed back to dealer...they screwed up my axle on the right side and the low oil pressure light came on and turn you engine off light came on. What the hell, the broke more then they fixed and they are not very friendly... what the hell is going on..where is the recall for these issues... my car doesn't even have 80000 miles on it and they are trying yo say its my fault now... wasn't having these issuses before the timing who should pay for the repair...or better yet..take this crap car back and pay me the money I wasted on it..

  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
  • It really does no good complaining.. GM DOes not HELP..
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