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Wheel Bearing Failure ,great reccomendation on DALLAS Repair shop.

I had posted a request for opinion on repair bill for 2005 Altima, a Dallas Dealership wanted 2,800.00 for assorted problems, from catalytic converter to rear wheel bearing going out.,
"Zaken" replied I was being taken "for a cleaning" and recommended 3 local Dallas shops to try instead.
I am SO greatful for his advice!
I chose 'Randy" at Love field Auto ,he told me what the car had to have right now to get it road worthy and did not break the bank. His estimate to get it rolling was slightly over 300.00!! His reviews were outstanding and I want to let everyone know ,he is the real deal! We didn't have an extra 3 grand and feel the dealership was nudging us to just trade in the ole "clunker' and have another carnote.Thank God for Randy and this Site.!!! Thanks to Edmunds, "Zaken' and Randy, We had a minor "hit in the wallet' instead of major problem we couldn't afford!


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