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Build first car

Hello, I am really interested in building my first car. Ive never had anyone to guide me in this sort of thing so this is my way of reaching out for advice. I have plenty of resourses as far as repair work, but id really like to do as much as I can myself in an effort to learn. Anyhow, im asking for suggestions or advice on maybe what to get, and where to start. I was thinking possibly starting with just a motor, tearing it down, rebuild, reassemble. then a car ( frame, shell, whatever I can find that would work best with the motor). im talking complete build from the ground up. this is going to be a long project, if it takes years, that's fine with me. ehh, like I said, don't know where to start. help me out please, anyone


  • jimi240jimi240 Posts: 2
    edited January 2014

    Hi Austin. You sound ambitious, but my advice is, don't do it. As a builder and a car guy, I can tell you no matter your level of interest, it will be painful and drain your wallet. If you must go forward, however, might I suggest an old F body or some other sixties Chevrolet product where parts are readily available, and sometimes reasonable. Always beware of the Chinese re-pop parts(they "appear" to have OE form, fit, and function, but this is generally not the case). Depending on your experience and skill level, this will most certainly be a long project, but relax and try to have fun anyway.

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