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Transmission Failure at 15K miles. 2013 Hyundai Tucson

mlsphdmlsphd Posts: 26
edited January 2014 in Hyundai

My 2013 Limited with 15K miles is having the transmission replaced. I had noticed a few very hard downshifts driving recently. However, the issues got serious when I took the car thru the carwash last week. When the attendant told me "neutral, no brake" i did as instructed, but the car continued to move forward slowly. After getting yelled at by the attendant and verifying I was indeed in neutral, my car tapped the car in front. I braked occasionallly to get thru the carwash. When I checked things out on a level surface, the car still continued to creep forward while in neutral. A few days later I got the "good news/bad news" report. Good news: they found the problem. Bad news: transmission needed to be replaced. All covered by warranty and driving a new sonata loaner, so satisfied on that front. I have lingering concerns about the integrity/durability of the transmission. In 45 years of car ownership and typically keeping cars for 100k+, this is the first time I have ever had to replace a transmission. This is the 4 Hyundai I have purchased, so obviously I like and trust the brand, but this has me worried. What experience have others had with Tucson transmission?


  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345

    Not sure about Tucson trannys, but The Sante Fe and Elantra had problems that affected quite a number of vehicles a few years ago. A search here on Edmunds will probably bring up those forums. If I recall, the Santa Fe issue was more widespread than the Elantra's.

    Sorry to hear though. It sucks to have such a new car have to go in for such a major re and re. Hopefully this is a one-off situation.

  • mlsphdmlsphd Posts: 26

    An update on the tranny. It was replaced with a remanufactured tranny, with the same warranty as the original. I hope it was a one off issue. I am on very good terms with the service department and parts manager, and they claimed to have not seen this before. With the new transmission, i realize now that there were signs of problems for a while-a bit of a surge when engine was turned off and some very occasional rough shifting. On the plus side, the replacement was totally free--no add on charges for fluids or anything, In addition, the loaner for the week it was in the shop was a Sonata with 2k miles on it--a nice courtesy car, also no charge. Happily I picked up the repaired AWD Tucson just as the snow began to fall. Bottom line, disappointed about the tranny failure, but it couldn't have been any better in how it was handled.

  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345

    Hey, that's good to hear. Glad it turned out ok for you.

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