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need help with elec tic window/door/interior lights issues

stillcruzinstillcruzin Posts: 1
edited January 2014 in Volkswagen

I was having problems with the rear windows not opening. Then one day after driving about 30 miles through a rain storm I stopped, opened the door and pushed the trunk release switch on the drivers door, the interior lights went out and I lost power to the windows and doors. I was able to drive the car but the door ajar alarm stayed on beeping for a few minutes and if I turned on the headlamps the alarm stayed on solid for a few minutes. this would repeat every time I restarted the car for the rest of that day.
Now, after checking the fuses I think I may have put the fuel pump fuse back into a different slot because the car turns over fine but won't start.I can't translate the fuse card descriptions to tell what is what??
Oh Jetta Master please help!

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