Oversized Tires for F-250 Super-Duty Crew Cab

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I would like to find out the biggest tire I could put on my truck without adding a Lift kit and without having the tires rub on the fender wells. It presently has 265/75r16. Would 295/75R16 be too big? Can I go bigger? Has anyone got any advice?


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    I can hardly get into my pickup now with the 265's the measure 31.5" diameter, you are going to put 295's which them measure 33.5" dia. Are you going to go rock crawling, I guess you would need that much height to do that. Good luck and let us know how you do.
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    Thanks for the valuable input. I talked to one guy today that told me that there was room enough for 305's. Can anyone verify? I need the extra clearance and more aggresive tread for getting in and out of camp. The accessory Shops just seem to tell me anything I want to hear in order to sell me a set of tires.........
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    I've got 285 75 16 BFGs. These are the biggest you can go without changing wheels. There's plenty of room to go 295s.

    I've seen 305s on a non lifted truck and a couple of weeks ago I saw a show on tv where they went to 315s without lifting. They're fat.....tall tires are better in some situations. Just need the right wheels.
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    Do you like the BFG's? Are they All terrainTA's or Long Trails. How are they in Muddy -Off Road Situations? I don't want a Big Mudder Tire , just enough to get me down some old Logging trails that are in Semi- decent shape
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    All Terrains. I've had them on 3 different trucks. I've heard some people had problems with them but I never have and I really like them.

    They're good in mud and snow. For mud I would advise tall/narrower tires over fat ones. The Long Trails won't be as good in mud.

    If you doing a lot of road driving you might want to consider the Goodyear Wrangler ATS. A good friend has them on his Ford and he's really happy with them.
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    thanks, I'll let you know what I end up with......
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    My 2000 f-250 diesel super cab has 315-75r-16's on 8" rims...that equates to 35" X 12 1/2". no lift, no nothing. it is awesome in snow or mud and has yanked a lot of rams and bowties from each. It has even yanked a large wrecker with a full sized 4x4 attached to it from 3 feet of new snow (in high-range!). many of the mud-yanks were 4x4's and duallies with loaded horse trailers attached. big tires cannot be beat. ford diesels cannot be beat.
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