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Three questions about our new 2014 Honda Accord LX

tt34tt34 Posts: 2
edited January 2014 in Honda

Question 1: Last Saturday we bought a 2014 Honda Accord LX in Seattle area. This Monday I found that the almost whole catalytic converter body and screws was rusty a lot. Compare to other parts it looks like old part. This morning I sent new car to Honda dealer. The sevice manager said that it is normal and very common. it happened on every car. it is no problem at all... So I don't know he said correctly or not? Really concern about this issue and felt not happy with it. Is it normal and without any problem at all?
Question 2: A lot road noise heard when I drive on freeway about 60mph. It is not quiet car. Did all other new Honda Accord cars also make such road noise? What does Honda Active Noise Cancellation system work for?
Question 3: The car engine noise loud when it cold start. But after about one minute the engine becomes quiet down. Is it normal as well?
Thanks a lot!

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