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1991 towncar idles real slow and dies after warmup, at lights and coasting ...

fueldragsterfueldragster Posts: 3
edited January 2014 in Lincoln

Moms 91 towncar started too idle real slow after warm up ... Likes to die at a light or slowing down for a stop... doesnt miss and has fine power otherwise... any help would be great!!!


  • nwraaanwraaa Posts: 171

    Suggest two things. 1. the air bypass valve may have seen its best days and needs to be replaced. This controls both engine cold and engine hot engine air flow. 2. at the end of the accelerator cable is a screw with a lock nut that you can screw in to speed up the engine. This is not a Ford recomended method but it does work for 4.6L engine in the 1991TCs. Wait until the car warms up and then make the adjustment. You should only have to turn the screw in a little to increase the engine speed.

  • Thanx Ill try that....

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